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Susunia Pahar (Hills) are situated in the Bankura district of southern West Bengal on the way to Bankura from Purulia. It is 13 km away from Bankura and 10 km from Chhatna. Susunia Hills are at an elevation of 1200 feet and has spectacular landscape, lush green forests with red soil. To book a weekend trip from Kolkata to Susunia Pahar in Bankura at best price Call +91-90732-08322. Nature Canvas Travel provides great deals and discounts in Susunia Pahar hotels and resorts stay in Bankura. Nature Canvas Travel is one of the best tours travel agency in Kolkata, West Bengal India for your trip to Susunia Hills. Book a Susunia Pahar (Hills) Bankura weekend trip as per your pace and price from nearby cities like Kolkata. Book it travel agency near to me in Kolkata.

Susunia hill (Pahar) in Bankura is famous for its archaeological heritage, it is the home to the oldest rock inscription of West Bengal, with it you will found plenty of fossils of animals like Giraffe, Asiatic Lion and Hyena are scattered here and there along with a mysterious story for each one of them. On top of that Susunia Hills are adorned by Gandheswari River and ‘Palash’. The entire place looks orange during the spring season and it is the best time for nature lovers to visit Susunia Hills, especially for those who are nature photographers. Here you can see a bunch of feathered creatures like Asian Paradise Flycatcher and Indian Pitta along with a wide variety of butterflies like Golden Angel, Tawny Raja, Spotted Swordtail, etc. One can plan various trip to Purulia by staying Susunia hill hotels or resorts in Bankura at best price with Nature Canvas Travel.

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How to Reach Sussunia Pahar (Hill) resort in Bankura:

The nearest railway station is the Bankura Junction Railway Station and Susunia Hills are at a distance from 29 km which takes around 50 minutes through the roadway. You can get a cab or a bus from right outside the station. If you want to take the road then the nearest bus stands are the Bankura bus stand and the Durgapur bus stand from which Susunia Hills are located at a distance of 39 km and 42 km, respectively. Keep in mind that the bus routes experience traffic during most part of the day and that is why railway is the best option to reach Susunia Hills. Susunia hill distance from nearby railway station Chhatna is 13.6 km via Shusunia Chatna Rd. bankura to susunia distance is 29.5 km via Manipur - Sirjam Station - Rangamatia Rd and Shusunia Chatna Rd. For a safe and reliable journey you can book a trip to susunia hill in bankura as a weekend tour package from Kolkata.

Places to visit at Bankura Susunia Hill (Pahar):

A popular attraction at Susunia Hills is the Narasimha Temple. It is an open temple in the foothills and the idol is made of stone. The idol does not look like any other Hindi gods or goddesses rather it has a demonic look to it which is completely different from the one mentioned in the Puranas. There tribal people, Santhals, Kols, Munda and Vils, worshiped Narasimha and it seems like the idol is made according to their perpectives. Another mysterious fact about this place is the Dhara near Narashimha Temple which is a spring water coming out of a stone spout which is believed to have medicinal benefits. The water coming out of this spring is very pure and better than all the packaged drinking water available nearby but the actual source of this spring water is unknown. Susunia hill waterfall is one of the top destination you can explore here.

Things to do at Bankura Susunia Hills:

The things that tourist visiting Sununia Hills enjoys the most is trekking and camping. Here you will find two days sessions to train you for rock climbing. If you are not a sports person then camping is the best option for you. Indulge yourself among the lush green forests and rustling waters. Enjoy the panoramic views of the Eastern Ghats and admire the nature’s beauty at its best. The setting of Susunia Hills is very calm and peaceful, hence, it gives you a rest from the daily city lap in the lap of mother nature. Use this time away from town to our best and relax.

Susunia Hill | Waterfall

Susunia Hill| Waterfall is the main magnetism in this area. This waterfall actually the spring of water coming out of the mouth of the stone statue of Lord Narsingh. It is naturally formed within the mountains. Local people think that the water of the spring has been flowing because the installation of the great idol of Lord Narasimha. This natural ground water is very fresh, reach in mineral and delicious to eat. It is considered as a holy water and frees your soul from tension. Bathing and drinking in this holy water washes away all our sins. Many devotees get clear of untreatable diseases by drinking this water. Our Susunia hill accommodation like like Murut Baha Eco Resort is very near to Susunia hills waterfall.

Best time to visit Susunia Hills:

The best time to visit Susunia Hills would be during the winters and springs which fall between the months of October to March. The place is at its best during this time and it is covered with flowers, greenery, birds and butterflies. The temperature is also suitable and stays between 15 degree Celsius and 30 degree Celsius. Summers here are very hot and the temperature can goes up to 40 degree Celsius even though it is situated at a quite high altitude.

Where is the Susunia Hill?

Susunia is placed at 23°24′N 86°59′E in Bankura, southern part of West Bengal, India. You can find Susunia Pahar On the way to Bankura – Purulia and this ancient hills in 10 kilometers North-East of Chhatna which is 13 kilometers away from Bankura town. Amidst the beautiful landscape of lavish green and red soil, Susunia Pahar owns a height of 1200 feet approximately.

The area is having a gradual descent from the Chota Nagpur Plateau. The red soil is laterite in nature and hard beds are covered with sal wood forest. 

If we go through the geographical Map of Bankura This area is part of the Bankura Uplands in the west gradually merging with the Bankura - Bishnupur Rarh Plains in the north-east. The western portions are characterized by undulating terrain with many hills and ridges. The part is having a gradual drop from the Chota Nagpur highland. The laterite red soil hard beds are covered with brush forest and sal wood. Increasingly this forest gives way to just uneven rolling lands but the soil continues to be lateritic. There are coal mines in the northern part of Susunia hills along the River Damodar. It is mainly a village area with 89% of the population living in rural areas and only 11% living in the urban locale.

Which hill is legendary as an archaeological and fossil place?

Susunia Hill is a well-known archeological and fossil site. Fossil ruins of Asiatic lion, giraffe, hyena and other animal types have been revealed from areas in the region of Susunia Pahar.

Susunia Lipi

The Susunia hills have historical importance as well. Susunia visitors will observe a rock writing that is measured to be the ‘oldest’ rock inscription of the West Bengal state. According to chronological views, Raja Chandravarman builds his fort in this place but there is no hint of that fort at here. The rock inscriptions of 4-th century AD was reserved in the place named Pushkarana. Pushkarana or Pakhanna was the Capital of Chandravarman’s empire. People consider that Raja was murdered against a battle with Chandra Gupta Maurya. The inscription is an ASI protected site. The ancient rock inscription made of two parts and a important ‘Chakra’(wheel) with blazing edges. The first part pointed to that the writing is the work of Raja Chandravarman and the second one states that the community of Choshagrama was transferred to Chakrasvamin. Susunia lipi is one of the top places to visit from our associated resorts.

1 Nights 2 Days Susunia Pahar (Hill) Tour Package from Kolkata with Baranti & Gar Panchkot:

Day 1: Howrah to Chhatna [4 hr 9 min (219.5 km) via NH19]  

Board 18013 Bokaro Steel City Express and arrived at Adra Junction in the morning. Tourists visiting Susunia Hills will transfer to Murut Baha Eco Resort from Adra railway statuion [ 20 min (10.3 km) via Shusunia Chatna Rd]. Stay at Bithika. You need to enjoy the park & see the sights near Susunia Pahar.

Location of Bithika, Murut Baha Eco Park, Susunia Hill, Susunia Chatna Road, Dist – Bankura, West Bengal 722133, Nearest City – Bankura – 30 KM from Susunia. Raniganj – 30 KM from Susunia. Durgapur – 50 KM from Susunia. Nearest Railhead – Chhatna – 10 KM from Susunia. Bankura – 28 KM from Susunia, Jhantipahari – 8 KM from Susunia. (On Howrah – Adra Rail route)

DAY 02: Susunia - Baranti - Gar Panchkot - Mithon Dam - Asansol

Morning breakfast and check out from Resort of Susunia Pahar by 9:00 AM and en route sightseeing to see various Purulia tour Places like Gar Panchkot and Panchet Dam on the way before getting to Maithon. Here visit sightseeing places like Damodar River and Maithon Dam. Baranti Gar Panchkot Purulia weekend tour packages from Kolkata guests will leave by 4:00 PM and visit to Kalyaneshwari Temple. Before leaving don’t fail to remember enjoying the adventurous boating in Panchet Dam. That’s the end of your 1 night 2 Days Baranti Gar Panchkot Purulia tour package after dropping you at Asansol Station by 5:00 PM. It's a good itinerary for Bankura Purulia tour plan for 2 days. Your Bankura purulia tour guide also provide purulia sightseeing car at affordable fare for tourists. You may follow the Baranti Gar Panchkot Mithon Susunia Pahar tourist Map for sightseeing.

Cost of Visiting this Susunia Pahar in Bankura tour with Baranti and Gar Panchkot from Kolkata by train - Rs 3400/- per person (Minimum 4 person) including all meal from 1st day lunch to last day breakfast.

Book Susunia hill hotels resorts, package tour through the best travel agency in Kolkata and relax.

2 Nights 3 Days Susunia Pahar (Hill) Tour Package from Kolkata with Baranti & Gar Panchkot:

Day 1: Howrah to Chhatna [4 hr 9 min (219.5 km) via NH19]  

Board 18013 Bokaro Steel City Express and arrived at Adra Junction in the morning. Tourists visiting Susunia Hills will transfer to Murut Baha Eco Resort from Adra railway statuion [ 20 min (10.3 km) via Shusunia Chatna Rd]. Stay at Bithika. You need to enjoy the park & see the sights near Susunia Pahar.

DAY 02: Susunia - Biharinath Hills - Baranti - Gar Panchkot - Susunia

Morning breakfast sightseeing trip of Susunia Pahar i.e. various Purulia tour Places like Biharinath hills Joychandi Pahar Baranti Gar Panchkot. Before leaving don’t fail to remember enjoying the adventurous boating in Panchet Dam. Joychandi Pahar, Baranti, Gar Panchkot Purulia tour before returning to your Eco resort. Our tour guide also provide purulia sightseeing car at affordable fare for guests. 

In the evening enjoy your stay at resort in Susunia Pahar Bankura.

Day 3: Resort to Bankura [43 min (26.2 km) via Shusunia Chatna Rd and Manipur - Sirjam Station - Rangamatia Rd]

After sightseeing and activities in the resort we will drop you at Bankura railway station for your onward journey to Kolkata.

Cost of Visiting this Susunia Pahar in Bankura tour with Baranti and Gar Panchkot from Kolkata by train - Rs 4800/- per person (Minimum 4 person) including all meal from 1st day lunch to last day breakfast. 

Distances to Note in your visit to Susunia Pahar (hills)

Susunia to Baranti [52 min (35.2 km) via Dhaban Susunia Road]    Barhanti to Gar Panchkot [34 min (12.1 km) via Garhpanchakot Dhara Rd]

Gar Panchkot to Mithon Dam [58 min (32.3 km) via Puruliya - Chirkunda Rd]  Mithon Dam to Asansol  [31 min (22.3 km) via NH19]

Bishnupur to Susunia pahar (hill) distance - 1 hr 45 min (61.5 km) via NH 14 


Where to stay in Susunia Hills Hotels or Resorts?

There are quite a few night stay options available here in Susunia Hill (Pahar) regions.

Forest Guest House - This hill resort is to the west of the Chhatna-Susunia road is not properly marked on the map.

Aranyak - This susunia hill resort is right on the Chhatna-Susunia road and maintained by Susunia Gram Panchayat.

Youth Hostel - You can book it online also.

To book Susunia Pahar or Susunia hills tourist package from Kolkata Call +91-90732-08322. or alternatively you can go for a top class accommodation in Susunia hill resorts with us.

Which type of soil is found in Purulia?

One can find Laterite Soil in the Western plateau area. This soil is found in hot and wet tropical areas like Birbhum Bardhaman, Bankura, Purulia, Midnapore and some other nearby regions.


Quick info of  Susunia Hills:


Susunia Pahar  to Bankura  distance                                   -                                    56 min (29.5 km) via Manipur - Sirjam Station - Rangamatia Rd and Shusunia Chatna Rd

Susunia Pahar height                                                              -                                  448 m

Special in Bankura                                                                   -                                 The top sightseeing places in Bankura are Susunia Hill, Joyrambati, Bishnupur,Jhilimili,                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mukutmanipur, Gokul Chand Temple.

Baranti is famous for                                                               -                                 hill and jungle trekking due to its natural environment.     

Baranti Hill located                                                                   -                                 It is situated about 60 kilometres (37 mi) north-west of Bankura town

Garpanchkot to Purulia distance                                          -                                   2 hr (63.0 km) via Asansol - Purulia Rd/Purulia - Barakar Rd

Garpanchkot to Baranti distance                                          -                                  34 min (12.1 km) via Garhpanchakot Dhara Rd

Purulia to Maithon dam distance                                        -                                               2 hr 50 min (87.5 km) via Adra - Kasipur Rd

Asansol to Bankura distance                                                                                           1 hr 57 min (68.6 km) via NH 14

Asansol to Purulia  distance                                               -                                      2 hr 56 min (90.7 km) via Asansol - Purulia Rd      

Asansol famous for                                                                 --                               expansive coal mines in the country


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