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Ajodhya Hills is actually a tiny plateau with hilly surrounds placed in the Purulia district of the state West Bengal, India. It is the easternmost part of the Chhotanagpur Plateau. It is also an extensive part of Eastern Ghats range. Highest peak of Ajodhya Hills is Chamtaburu is placed at an altitude of about 700 m. The nearby populated town area is Bagmundi. Many hotels and resorts are available for the visitors throughout this region.

Ajodhya Hills is a famous place for young mountaineers to learn the basic course in rock climbing. There are three routes available to arrive at Ajodhya Hills. These are via Jhalda, via Sirkabad and via Bagmundi. There are two Forest Rest Houses here, one at Ajodhya hill top and the other is at Matha range. Plenty of accommodation facilities are also available in Ajodhya Hill top and Bagmundi to suits every ones need. There are Eco-resorts like Gorgaburu Eco-resort, Palash Bitan Jungle Hut at Murguma, Eco-Adventure Resort at Khairabera and many more.

Important visiting places from Ajodhya Hill Top (with distance):

1. Upper Dam (495m above MSL) and Lower Dam (300m above MSL) of Purulia Pumped Storage Hydel Power Project: 6 Km and 9Km on same route 2. Matha: 23 Km 3. Durga Bera (572m above MSL): 7 Km 4. Bamni Falls (434m above MSL): 10 Km 5. Khayrabera Dam and Chamtaburu Hill: 21 Km (via forest road), 30 Km (via Bagmundi) 6. Machkanda Falls: 18 Km 7. Baghmundi (264m above Mean Sea Level ): 16 Km 8. Murguma Dam: 20 Km 16 Km 09. Turga Dam (284m above MSL) and Turga Falls: 18 Km 10. Pine Forest: 3 Km 11. Mayur Pahar (605m above MSL): 2 Km 12. Charida: 21 km 13. Sirkabad: 15 Km 14. Balarampur Rly. Station: 39 Km;

3 nights 4 days Ajodhya Pahar tour package from Kolkata at best price:

Purulia is a land of natural loveliness. Purulia tourist attractions center on its hills, forests as well as its archaeological excavations and the relics of ancient buildings and places of worship. Tribal culture develops the natural beauty of this land and red-yellow blooms of Palash. Visiting Places in ayodhya hills along with Baranti and Gar Panchkot are famous among nature lovers. Book Ajodhya hill tour package from Kolkata at best price. Book your Ajodhya hill tour package now - Call +91-90732-08322

Ajodhya hill tour plan with Gar Panchkot & Baranti:

Day 1: Purulia tour packages from Kolkata guests will start the trip from Howrah railway station. The popular way to arrive at Purulia is to board Chakradharpur Express which stops at Purulia junction.

Day 2: Upon coming at Purulia junction, Gar Panchkot Ajodhya hill Purulia tourism guests would meet with our Purulia tour planner / Driver & Proceed for Breakfast.

Before Check in to your pre booked hotel or resort you will visit Purulia tour places in Ajodhya Pahar sightseeing like Murguma Dam & Suicide Point.

After tasty lunch, at the resort your Purulia tour plan is actually Ajodhya Pahar sightseeing with places like Mayur Pahar, Ram Mandir, Sita Kund, Kather (Wooden made) Durga Mandir etc.

This Ajodhya Pahar sightseeing tour package includes a night's stay at Ajodhya Hill Top or Baghmundi.

Day 3: After delicious breakfast, the sightseeing to see Purulia tour places in Ajodhya Pahar for example Marbel Lake, Bamni Falls, Turga Falls, Charida Village, Upper Dam, and Lower Dam etc.

After yummy Lunch Visit Khairabera Dam, Pakhi Pahar,Matha Pahar, Pardi Village and Dooarshini.

Night stay is at Baghmundi or Ajodhya Pahar as per your final itinerary.

Day 4: After early breakfast Purulia tour Packages from Kolkata guests check out from the hotel, visit after breakfast check out from Hotel and start for Baranti, Visit Garh Panchkot, Joychandi Pahar and Baranti.

The Ajodhya hill Purulia tour package ends here.

Get on the train from Asansol Station and Reach Howrah at night.

Ajodhya Hill tour package cost from Kolkata:

2 Pax @ Rs. 6,500/- ( per head )

3 Pax @ Rs. 6,000/- ( per head )

4 Pax @ Rs. 5,600/- ( per head )

5 Pax @ Rs. 5,400/- ( per head )

6 Pax @ Rs. 5,200/- ( per head )

7 Pax @ Rs. 5000/- ( per head )

How to Reach Ajodhya Pahar from Kolkata?

Ajodhya Hills is about 300 km. from Kolkata and 50 km. from Purulia town. It’s easily accessible by road. The nearest town is Baghmundi from the hilly tribal area.

Bamni Falls:

This is one of the most gorgeous tourist spot in Purulia. It placed on the way to Baghmundi from Ayodhya hill and close to the village of Barria. The waterfall situated about 500 steps down from the main road, far away from the hustle and bustle of town.

The falls, flowing down the mountain bifurcates into two diverse streams, looking like an identical fall at the halfway. If you walk down the bottom of the midway fall, you will enjoy a great view.

Scattered with boulders and surrounded by green forest, this place has a uncultivated prettiness. One can sit on the big boulders and unwind for a while. Nevertheless stones are slippery, one must be very careful. The trail unwinds into green bushes while moving down; it gives you a hiking experience in the forest. The steps are slippery and thin, old people are advised not to visit this waterfall.

Murguma Dam:

The Murguma Dam is built on the Saharajhore River, one of the Stream of Kangsabati River in West Bengal, India. The dam is put up near Murguma village in the foothill of Ajodhya Hills in Purulia. A number of other streams also flow into the dam directly from Ajodhya Hills. The dam is surrounded by hills, forests and a number of tiny land masses within it. The position is situated at the North West end of Ajodhya Hills in Chota Nagpur Plateau region. Murguma Dam from nearby places Ajodhya Hills Top = 20 km, Jhalda = 16 km Purulia = 50 km.

What is Favorite food in West Bengal?

If West Bengal is famous for anything then it is food. The super tasty Sorshe Ilish and Chingri Macher Malai Curry with some other yummy food of the highly illustrated and exquisite Bengali cuisine is the favorite for locals.


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