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Sikkim Silk Route tour is one of the best attractions where Zuluk (also spelled as Dzuluk) was once an important stop. Now a days Sikkim Silk Route is known for its  gorgeous views of the mountains with the dizzying zig-zag roads clearly visible from Thambi view point. Check out these for Sikkim Silk Route Guide and know about how to reach, where to stay, attractions etc. Best offers and deals with Nature Canvas Travel when you are in Sikkim Silk Route. Visit Sikkim Silk Route which is an ancient trade network that connected Asia with the Mediterranean Sea. The Silk Route in Sikkim is a part of the ancient trade route which started from Lhasa to Tamluk in West Bengal while crossing the Chumbi Valley and Nathula Pass.

Discover best offers on Sikkim Silk route packages from Kolkata/ NJP at Nature Canvas Travel; Best tour operators for Sikkim Silk route package tours Kolkata offers thrilling deals at best price. Visit old silk route in Sikkim with us at per your pace & price. To Book old Sikkim Silk route Zuluk tour package from Kolkata or NJP at affordable price Call +91-90732-08322. Visit off beat old Sikkim Silk route tour and see the sights like Rishikhola, Sillery Gaon, Icche Gaon, Aritar, Lingtam, Rolep, Zuluk, Nathang Valley, Old Baba Mandir and Nathula Pass with Deluxe homestays. Sikkim Silk Route is recognized as its beautiful views of the mount, the dizzying zigzag road network and hairpin curve and charming villages on the way. Old Silk Route road trip is one of the most well known attractions in the East Sikkim. We provides deluxe quality Sikkim Silk route tour package from njp or Kolkata at affordable price. Most famous attractions in East Sikkim are available in Silk Route tours. Visit gorgeous views of the mountains, the zig-zag roads amidst the beautiful backdrops of Sikkim Silk routes. Book a 4 nights 5 days Sikkim silk route package tours from us. Book a Sikkim Silk route package tours from Kolkata via NJP or Silliguri at best price Call +91-90732-08322.

Sikkim Silk Route pacakge trip is one of the most renowned attractions inside East Sikkim. Zuluk (also spelled as Dzuluk) was once an important stop on the old Silk Road. Today Sikkim Silk Route is famous for its comprehensible and gorgeous views of the mountain ranges, the zigzag roads and hairpin curvature and picturesque small villages on route. Read plan about Sikkim Silk Route trip plan and get information on how to reach, where to stay, spots and the cost of Silk Route Sikkim Tour packages from Kolkata or any other destinations. 



Thambi view point is one of the most visited view point in Sikkim Silk route. Here, travellers can eyewitness beautiful sunrise and incredible mountain ranges early in the morning. Just 14 kms away from Zuluk you will come across a Zig Zag Street, take a couple of dozen turns and curves from there to reach Thambi view point. At an elevation of 11,200 feet it is the best place to see sunsets. The entire eastern Himalaya can be seen from Thambi view point including the Kanchenjunga mountain ranges. Here you witness the thick backwoods which is unbothered by modernity. Here you can also see a wide variety of feathered creatures like Satyr Tragopan and the Himalayan Monal. While storrling around in these magical woods, if you are lucky enough, you can even come across the first silk route. Also in Thambi there is a spot where the neighbourhood gathers to tell stories about Yeti, Bonzhakri and other old stories that will blew up your mind. It is the favourite time pass of the tourist visiting Thambi View Point, Silk route in Sikkim. Sit by the fire on a summer evening, relax, hear these mind blowing stories and enjoy the starlit sky.

LUNGTHUNG: Lungthung is around 4 kms) from Zuluk at an elevation of 13,000 ft and from here starts the mountain edges. While going making a trip through Lungthung you will come across a few tea estates and that is from where your trip ends and the mountain ranges start. A great part of the population here in Lungthung consists of those who escaped from Tibet during the Chinese invasion. If you are fortunate then you might come across some individuals who can tell you stories about those days.

TUKLA 4 kms away from Lungthung is Tukla which is known for the battle of Tukla. In 1903 an unexpected British armed force lead by Lt. Col Francis Younghusband attacked Tibet. The Tibetan warriors opposed the British Army and as a result the battle of Tukla begun. Many Tibetan warriors died during this battle. A memorial has been built here to pay tribute to those warriors.

Gnathang: It is the highest and most heavenly place to stay within the old Silk Route tour packages. Restricted Area Permit is basic to visit this place. It is a historical destination placed at height of 14000 ft above sea level in the eastern Himalayan Mountain range in East Sikkim.

OLD BABA MANDIR: Your next stop might be the Old Baba Mandir which you may visit on your way back from Nathang Valley. The Old Baba Mandir is less touristic and more real and the aura here is magical. The first Bunker of Baba Harbhajan Singh showcases his dresses, bed, etc. There is a temple named Baba Harbhajan Singh in the area.

Kupup: About 5 kms away from where the streets of Baba Mandir and Nathang valley intersects, you will find Kupup. The Kupup Lake famously known as Hatisureas it is formed like Hati or the elephant.

Memenchu Lake: While going towards Old Baba Mandir, about a kilometre before, to your left side you will see the Memenchu Lake. The street to Memenchu begins from Baba Mandir but it requires special permit to enter. Beside the lake there is also a house where you can stay for the night. For tailormade Silk route in Sikkim tour packages enquiry Call +91-90732-08322.

Distances to cover in Sikkim Silk route package tour:

SilleryGaon To Aritar 2 hr 3 min (38.6 km) Aritar / Mankhim to Zuluk 2 hr 1 min (44.4 km) via Rhenock - Rongli highway Zuluk to Nathang 1 hr (23.2 km) via Dzuluk-Nathang Valley

History of Sikkim Silk Route

The Silk Route in East Sikkim that is open for the tourists to look at the ancient Silk Road. The Ancient Silk Route was actually a huge trade system of routes that extended from Asia to the Mediterranean crossing China, India, Persia, Arabia, Egypt, Greece and Italy. This route was officially recognized throughout the Han Empire of China in 130 BC. It linked areas of the prehistoric world in trade periods of 130 BCE-1453 CE. Silk Route Sikkim tour package cost is very much affordable if you choose us.

The Sikkim Silk Route as we see today was only an offshoot of the Ancient Silk Road. In fact, it is only a small part of the ancient silk route that connected Lhasa in Tibet to Tamralipta in West Bengal. Yes, Lhasa was once the hotspot of ancient trade and commerce. The adjacent sea port to Lhasa was at Tamralipta, or present day Tamluk in West Bengal.

This total Silk Route covered a expanse of 900 km from Lhasa to Tamralipta starting from Chumbi Valley in Tibet, going across Nathu La and then through the hills of East Sikkim before finally entering into the plains of West Bengal. The Chumbi Valley is allied to Sikkim through a lean slice of land between India and Bhutan to the southwest via Nathu La and Jelep La.

Why it is called Sikkim Silk Route?

The Silk Route in East Sikkim is open for the visitors to discover is basically a part of the ancient old Silk road. This old Silk Road was actually a very big network of ancient business routes that stretched from Asia to the Mediterranean going through from China, India, Persia, Arabia, Egypt, Greece and Italy. To book a 4 nights 5 days Sikkim silk route package tour get in touch with us.

What is Silk route in Sikkim tour package route map?

Our Silk Route tour packages route on map covers tourist attractions like Aritar Lake, Padamchen, Rangoli, Upper Zuluk, Thamvi View Point, Zigzag Road, Tukla Valley, Kalapokhri, Old Baba Mandir, Kupup, Padamchen, Silarygaon, Ramdura, Icchey Gaon and many others. Silk Route on Map ... Icchey Gaon – Sillery Gaon – Kaagey – Pedong – Reshi Khola – Mankhim – Lingtum – Padamchen – Zuluk [Altitude: 7000 ft.] – Thambi View Point - Lungthung [Altitude: 11,500 ft] - Tukla Valley [Altitude: 12,500 ft.] –  Old Baba Mandir [Altitude: 13,123 ft.] –  Nathula Pass –  New Baba Mandir –  Changu Lake - Gangtok. Book your silk route tour package from Kolkata or NJP at best price at Nature Canvas Travel.The Old Silk Route is a high-altitude road trip in the East Sikkim district of Sikkim which you can make it with 2 nights onwards. People also start silk route in Sikkim tour package from Lava Lolegaon Rishop side. For a complete sikkim tour package see the best tour places in SikkimWith our Deluxe Hotel/Home Stay, you get best facilities during your SikkimSilk Route package Tour from Kolkata.

Altitude of SilleryGaon: 6,000 ft Coordinates - 27.1396° N, 88.5804° E| Altitude of Aritar: 1,498 m Coordinates - 27.1879° N, 88.6748° E | Altitude of Zuluk : 2,865 m Coordinates - 27.2518° N, 88.7775° E| Altitude of Nathang : 13,500 ft Coordinates - 27.2986° N, 88.8173° E| Altitude of Rongpokhola : 3,000 ft Coordinates - 27.2215° N, 88.6892°

What is the cost of  4 nights 5 days Sikkim Silk route tour package from NJP ?

Silk route Sikkim package cost depends on the quality of service. For budget stay during your silk route packages please check the below rates.

→ 4 Nights 5 Days Silk route in Sikkim tour package cost from kolkata - Per head Rs 9000 (6 Person in a car) [Deluxe Homestay]

→ 4 Nights 5 Days Silk route tour package cost from kolkata - Per head Rs 8400 ( 8 Person in a car)  [Deluxe Homestay]

→ 3 Nights 4 Days Silk route tour package cost from kolkata - Per head Rs 6600 (6 Person in a car) [Deluxe Homestay]

→ 3 Nights 4 Days Silk route tour package cost from kolkata - Per head Rs 6200 (8 Person in a car) [Deluxe Homestay]

For standard or budget category homestay service in your favourite Silk route tour package at best cost from NJP please call +91-9433341435

Distances to cover in package for Sikkim Silk Route:

►NJP to Ramdhura 3 hr 25 min (85 km) via NH10 ►Sillery Gaon to Aritar 2 hr 10 min (38.6 km) via NH 717A ►Aritar / Mankhim to Zuluk 2 hr (44.4 km) via Rhenock - Rongli Highway 

►Zuluk to Nathang 1 hr (23 km) via Dzuluk-Nathang Valley Part I Rd ►Nathang to Rongpokhola 2 hr 50 min (61.0 km) via Rongli - Chujachen Rd ► Rolep to NJP 110 km 

Suggested plan of Sikkim Silk route tour package from NJP:

We will cover places like Icchey Gaon – Sillery Gaon – Kaagey – Pedong – Reshi Khola – Mankhim – Lingtum – Padamchen – Zuluk – Thambi View Point –  Old Baba Mandir –  Nathula Pass –  New Baba Mandir –  Changu Lake - Gangtok in our 6 nights 7 days Silk route tour packages. Book a weekend trip from Kolkata as silk route package. Sundarban package tour from Kolkata is another popular weekend trips for silk route guests.

DAY 1: Arrival at IXB/NJP/Siliguri| Transmit to Sillery Gaon/ Ichegaon:

Today start your affordable old silk route in Sikkim tour package from NJP or Siliguri. Upon arrival of 4 night 5 days Silk route in Sikkim Tour Package guests will be transferred to Sillery Gaon, well-known as New Darjeeling. Sillery Gaon is situated at an elevation of about 6000 ft. This place has an attractive view of the Kanchenjunga Mountain ranges. All these types of places like Sillery Gaon, Ichhe Gaon, Bermaik, Ramdhura are same like view which may be covered during your tour of Silk route. To book Sikkim Silk route tailor-made as per your plan call +91-9433341435.

Ramdhura Ichegaon during Sikkim silk route tour:

Ramdhura Ichegaon Daragaon Bermaik is an uncommon tourist spot that you may include in your Silk route Sikkim tour plan. These are destinations of Kalimpong district at north bengal and within 7 to 10 km from Delo. You may add Rishop Lava Kalimpong region in your Beautiful Silk route in Sikkim tour plan. Sikkim Silk Route is one of the most beautiful tours in East Sikkim - Book it now.

DAY 2: Transfer to Aritar:

Wake up with a yummy breakfast at the same time as viewing mountain peaks from your window. After breakfast, guests of Sikkim Silk Route tour packages will follow the route map to arrive at East Sikkim known as Aritar. Lampokhari Lake, bright green forests, and occasional waterfalls are the places to see in Aritar. Tailor-made locations in Sikkim Silk route are also available when you choose us. 

Aritar: This place is a commonly known for its compelling natural attractiveness. Situated on the edge of grand Himalayas, it offers breathtaking views of Khangchendzonga and Lampokhari Lake.

DAY 3: Transfer to Zuluk/ Padmachen in Silk route tour package:

After morning breakfast guests of silk route in Sikkim group tour packages guests will proceed to Zuluk or Padmachen. Before that documentation is required to get permits of Zuluk that lies very close to the Indo-China Border. Tailor-made location such as Padmachen may also offer when you choose us. This tour is exciting and subjected to the road condition. This will take you at an elevation of 13000 ft. A stop at Rongli for permits and documentation is a need for Silk Route tour packages. There will be stopping at Rongli for permits and documentation processing activities.

Dzuluk or Zuluk is a small hamlet and an offbeat destination located at a height of around 10,100 feet in the terrain of the lower Himalayas in Sikkim. It is emerging as a popular destination day by day as it offers an excellent view of the eastern Himalayan range along with the Kanchenjunga.

Zuluk was once used as a Silk Route from Tibet to India by the traders travelling to Tiber through Jelep-la. They used Zuluk as an overnight base until the Chinese Invasion of Tibet. After that the use of the Silk Route stopped totally. Zuluk is a small village consisting of a population of just 700 people and an Indian Army base which was used as a transit camp for the army movement to the Chinese border which is just a few kilometres away.

Zuluk is a completely offbeat place surrounded by virgin forests. 14 kms away from Zuluk is the Thambi view point that offers an excellent view of the majestic Kanchenjunga mountain ranges. The entire mountain range is visible from this point. Zuluk is also famous for its wildlife that includes deer, wild dogs, Himalayan bear and red pandas.

Make a Zuluk tour plan in Silk route Sikkim with Nature Canvas Travel at best price Call +91-90732-08322.

DAY 4: Transfer to Rishi Khola during Silk route package tour:

After breakfast, Sikkim silk route tour packages from Kolkata guests shift to Rishi Khola, which is a riverside village and about 37 km from Kalimpong town. Reshi River flowing along this small place makes it a never missed place in Sikkim Silk route tour packages from Kolkata. Rishi Khola received its name from Reshi River flowing along this small place

For tailormade 4 nights 5 days Silk route in Sikkim tour packages enquiry Call +91-90732-08322.

DAY 5: Rishi Khola to NJP/ Siliguri/ Bagdogra

After finishing Rishikhola transfer to NJP or Siliguri for your onward journey. That's the end of your 4 nights 5 days Sikkim Silk route tour package from Kolkata with deluxe homestays.

Sikkim Silk route tour packages is well known for its various offbeat locations and its homestay in Ichee Gaon, Sillery Gaon, Aritar, Lingtam, Zuluk, Rolep, Nathang Valley, Padmachen, Rolep, Rishikhola and many more areas. 

The only option to stay at Sikkim Silk Route circuit is the homestays. The homestay accommodations are basic in nature having all the conveniences like relaxed beds, covers and hot water facilities on demand. Some of the homestays also have televisions and geysers.

There are no eateries available at any of the villages apart from Rongli region. So the homestays are the best for you with all meals. The homestays provide appetizing and homemade vegetarian & non-vegetarian food. The homestays given to you in Silk route tour package from Kolkata will provide breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner.

Usually, the homestays in the Sikkim Silk Route circuit usually cost INR 900 – 1300 per head per day including all day food.

Silk Route tour Package in Sikkim, you can relish wondereful activities like boating at Lampokhri lake , trekking to Mankhim Hill, bike riding at Zig-Zag road, and village tourism.

We provide 2 nights / 3 days silk route package; 3 night 4 days silk route tour packages; 4 Night 5 Days Silk Route Tour Packages; 5 nights 6 days silk route package

Apart from these Silk route tour packages one can also book other popular North Sikkim tour packages from KolkataIndia tour packages, Kashmir Tour package from KolkataLeh ladakh tourDarjeeling tour packages from KolkataShimla Manali Dalhousie Dharmshala tour packageSpiti valley tour package from KolkataKolkata Andaman tour packageDelhi to Manali packageKerala tour packageArunachal Pradesh tour package from KolkataShilong tour package from KolkataVizag Araku tour package from KolkataSikkim Silk route tour packageAuli tour packageNainital tour package from Kolkata and Kinnaur tour package with us. 

How to enter Zuluk in your tour of Silk route in Sikkim?

Although Zuluk is in East Sikkim, for tourists visiting from Kolkata to Silk route in Sikkim is easy, but Zuluk is located in East Sikkim which is a restricted part of the state. Nature Canvas Travel offers free permit to Silk route tour package guests. To enter Zuluk during your tour of silk route you will need the following documents. 

- Passport or Voter ID Card for the adults

- Passport or Birth Certificate for minors along with on photo ID card, could be Aadhaar card or school ID card

- 4 copies of passport size photos

- 4 copies of the above mentioned documents

Please also cheack best things to do in Sikkim before Silk route tour plan to make your holiday more memorable with us

Information about Silk Route tour package in Sikkim:

All Group or tailormade Silk Route group Tour package guests must bear 2-3 passport size photo and 2-3 photocopies of a valid id proof with the originals(voter id, passport, driving license, Govt job id proof are only accepted). Silk route tour package guests are also suggested to share Soft copies with the Sikkim Silk route package tour operators in Kolkata on official WhatsApp Messenger  of Nature Canvas Travel at least 3-4 days earlier to the trip.

Pick up from airport or railway station should be mandatorily between 5 am to 4 pm. beyond these hours, it is optional to stay in Siliguri & guests are advised to let Nature Canvas Travel, your Sikkim tour operator near me in Kolkata know before confirmation of booking that they are incoming after 4 PM in Siliguri so that we can reschedule the itinerary.

Normally, Nature Canvas Travel organize a standard quality room in the category that books. In case Silk route group tour packages guests prefers any other route map, they are requested to notify before booking.

Nature Canvas Travel will try doing best to make available an accommodation out of the accommodations available in these off beat tourism destinations of Sikkim Silk route tour packages. Senior citizens and child below 4 years are not suggested for Gurudongmar Lake because of higher risk of mountain sickness due to low oxygen level. Inner line Permits for the infant under 2 years of age are not approved by North Sikkim tourism authority that means if you have a baby with you will not be allowed to go to North Sikkim.

Check out 10 Awesome Places To Visit In Your Next Sikkim Tour before planing your Sikkim Silk route trip. 

East Sikkim Silk Route Travel Plan Guide With FAQ:

Before travelling to any new destination it's very much required to take guideence from the experts. Travel agencies near me are her to help you.

What is the best time for visiting to Sikkim old Silk Route?

Ideal time to get the maximum out of your Silk route trip is the months of April - May and October – November when the atmosphere is entirely amusing for exploration and the roads are unaffected from the rage of rain and snowfall. The months of April, May, and June are the peak season with soaring incursion of visitors.

Heavy rain falls are practical among the months of June to September that means actual time & schedule changes are likely. If the roads are blocked due to landslides or any other normal disaster, a permit to go to the Silk route Zuluk map may not be issued.

How many days are enough for Silk route tour package in Sikkim?

Min 3 nights are required to discover all the tourist attractions Sikkim Silk Route. Silk Route in east Sikkim can be visited from both sides. You can visit Sikkim Silk Route directly from NJP/Bagdogra/Siliguri or you can visit the place from Gangtok via Changu Lake. 

Where is Sikkim Silk Route in Map?

The Silk Route in Sikkim is a component of the early trade path which began from Lhasa to the Tamluk port in West Bengal while crossing the Nathula Pass in Sikkim.

How do I get to Sikkim Silk Route?

By Road:  Sikkim Silk Route Tour Packages guests can arrive from NJP or Siliguri via National Highway 10. The distance between NJP to Silk Route is roughly about 150 km.

By Air: The nearest airport of Silk Route is Bagdogra which is just about 140 km away. To book 4 Night 5 Days Silk Route Tour Packages Call +91-90732-08322.

Which part of Sikkim is most beautiful?

According to us the most gorgeous part of Sikkim is Yumthang Valley and Gerudongmar Lake of North Sikkim is most beautiful part of Sikkim.

Is there snow in Zuluk in Sikkim Silk route package tour?

The entire area is covered in a range of wild flowers. From January to April Zuluk is covered in snowfall. The raining time of year of May to July is usually smoggy but the rest of the year it has nice shining weather. Book a zuluk Silk route tour package with us from NJP, Kolkata and many more places. 

Can we visit Zuluk in January?

It is best to visit Zuluk in January and February as throughout that time you can observe the incredible snow covered mountains from the top and the zigzag road looks beautiful. This makes Zuluk a significant place to visit in the month of January. Zuluk is open to Indian nationals only who need to apply for Protected Area Permit or PAP.

Who named the Silk route?

Geographer and explorer from Germany Ferdinand von Richthofen first used the term “silk road” in 1877 C.E. to clarify the well-traveled pathway of commodities among Europe and East Asia. The term also provide as a metaphor for the exchange of goods and thoughts between various cultures.

How is the mobile network on the region of Sikkim Silk Route?

Mobile connections works suitably on the whole Silk Route in Sikkim, apart from near Nathang Valley - Old Baba Mandir area. Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL & Jio network works well. However, internet speed or Data connections is not working properly.

The geographical location of old Silk Route in Sikkim: 

The Silk route in Sikkim is well-known as a very old historic highway which was a key path for trade in the past. It is also a part of cultural amalgamates of different regions of Asia and well connected with East and West of India, China as well as Pakistan. With our tour and travels team, you can be expecting to see the most excellent gorgeousness of Sillery Gaon to Zuluk.

Height  of SilleryGaon : 6,000 ft [27.1396° N, 88.5804° E]; height of Aritar : 1,498 m [27.1879° N, 88.6748° E]; height of Zuluk : 2,865 m [27.2518° N, 88.7775° E]; height of Nathang : 13,500 ft [27.2986° N, 88.8173° E]; height of Rongli: 5200 ft; Lingtam Altitude: 5082 ft. Altitude of Rongpokhola: 3,000 ft [27.2215° N, 88.6892° E]

Things to carry for Silk route Sikkim in package tours from Kolkata

Silk route tour packages guests must carry woolen clothes, Umbrella, Inhaler, Camphor, Sunglasses, Medicine, ID card, and Camera.

How I can get permit of old Silk route in Sikkim tour package?

You will need Protected Area Permits for traveling to East Sikkim i.e. old Silk Route. Permits can be obtained by going to the Sikkim tourist Centre placed at Gangtok or contacting a travel agency in Kolkata, NJP or Gangtok. You will need a valid identity proof and passport size photographs to acquire the permit of Sikkim silk route trip. You also need to keep the original ID proofs ready in your hand as it may be asked at the check posts.

Keep in mind, that Aadhar Card and Pan Card is not a valid ID proof for obtaining a permit in Sikkim Tour Packages. You can use Voter ID Card, Passport or Driving License to obtain a valid protected area permit.

It’s very simple to gather the permit for Silk route (PAP). Just bring your voter ID card, passport or driving license etc with two passport size photos. Against these credentials you can collect the permit from Sikkim Tourism at Gangtok or from Rongli.

At present, you also have to apply for a mandatory Travel Card for entering Sikkim. This is an simple process and can be applied online. Silk route tour packages guests have to carry a print out or a soft copy of the filled form with you travelling to Sikkim.

Book a 4 nights 5 days tour package for old silk route in sikkim at lowest cost now Call +91-90732 - 08322. You may also customized Kolkata to Silk route tour package at best price with us.

Inner Line Permits for Foreigners in Siikim Silk Route:

Though foreigners are allowed to travel in some parts of Sikkim, they are not permitted to visit the Old Silk Route. Outsiders need an Inner Line Permit (ILP) for a holiday in Sikkim. The ILP can be acquire from all Indian Missions, Sikkim Tourism Offices at New Delhi, Kolkata, and Office of the District Magistrate in Darjeeling, Siliguri, and Rangpo against a valid Indian Visa.

Why Choose our 4 night 5 days Silk route tour packages from Kolkata/ NJP? 

→ Holiday packages at affordable prices for tourist to choose from.

→ Packages inclusive of all too helping visitors make the most of your trip.

→ Customize your silk route tour package from Kolkata/ NJP to suit your individual preferences.

→ Nature Canvas Travel is the best old Silk route tour package operator in Kolkata.

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So waste no time to book Silk route tour package at best price from kolkata.

What is the inclusions of Sikkim Silk Route Package:

→ Sealdah/ Howrah to New Jalpaiguri & New Jalpaiguri to Sealdah 2nd Class Sleeper Train Fare as per request.

→ Side Seen By Non Ac Car - Mahindra-bolero/ Tata Sumo. (Minimum 8 Sharing)

→ Comfortable accommodation in Non Ac Cottage/ Homestay/ Hotel (Family Sharing) as per itinerary.

→ All Meals plan from 1st day lunch to last day breakfast or as per your Silk route Sikkim package tour schedule.

Exclusions of Kolkata to old Sikkim Silk Route Tour Package:

→ Train food. → Personal expenditure. → Coolie Charges → Entry fees. → Anything not mentioned in the itinerary

Is ILP required for foreigners in old Sikkim Silk Route package tour?

Foreigners must get Inner Line Permit (ILP) to visit Sikkim. These can be obtain from all Sikkim Tourism Offices at New Delhi, Kolkata, District Magistrates Office of Darjeeling, Siliguri, and Rangpo on the power of an Indian Visa.

Sikkim Covid 19 travel update, Aug 2021: In view of the course in COVID 19 cases with the second wave, definite limitations have been applied by the Government of Sikkim. We will update when new information is available. The latest relevant information for visiting Sikkim can be found >>here<<.

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