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Avail great offers on our best Spiti Valley tour packages from Kolkata via Delhi and Chandigarh. Choose from Our various Spiti Valley tour packages from Kolkata, Delhi, and Chandigarh from Shimla Side. 

It is well known to all that we have to travel to Delhi / Chandigarh to start any trip towards Himachal Pradesh. Thus we need Delhi to Spiti valley tour packages to explore Lahaul Spiti tour packages. To know how to reach Delhi or Chandigarh please refer to FAQ section of this page or you may visit Indian Railway website or if you need air transfer please check on Google to see which airlines is suitable for you to make a journey from Kolkata to Delhi / Chandigarh. Please contact us before purchasing your tickets so that we can guide you to customize your Lahaul Spiti Valley tour packages from Delhi properly.

There are two routes to enter Spiti Valley. One is Delhi – Manali – Kunzum Pass – Losar – Kaza AND the other one Delhi – Shimla – Kinnaur Valley – Tabo – Kaza. So, you can see that one can enter Spiti Valley from one Shimla side and exit Spiti Valley from Manali back to Delhi making it the complete circuit.

In depth day by day Lahaul Spiti Valley tour packages from Delhi itinerary covers the complete Kinnaur circuit from Shimla to Manali via Spiti Valley with roughly all popular destinations in Spiti Valley including Tabo, Nako, Kaza, Losar, Chandratal Lake (Moon Lake), Kunzum Pass, Ki (Kee), Kibber, Pin Valley, Langza, Hikkim, Komic, Dhankar, etc.

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Spiti Valley Tour packages from Kolkata/ Delhi / Chandigarh via Kinnaur Valley:

Your Spiti Valley tour packages from Kolkata Delhi starts as early as possible as we are going towards one of the world’s most dangerous road. If you are starting your Spiti Valley tour packages from Chandigarh then you may starts any time in the morning. Our all inclusive Lahaul Spiti Valley tour packages from Kolkata guests have lunch on the way during a small break.

Day 1: Delhi – Shimla

Shimla sightseeing includes Famous Ridge, Mall Road, Lakkar Bazaar, Jakku Temple

Narkanda is about 60 KMs from Shimla takes about 2 Hrs

About 8 - 9 Hrs drive to Shimla from Delhi and 4 hours from Chandigarh.

Overnight at Shimla.

Day 2: Shimla – Sangla

Go away early from Shimla and enjoy the vistas en route.

You can plan lunch at Rampur.

Visit Hatu Peak which is 7 km away from Narkanda.

Beautiful Sutlej River Valley is on the way.

About 8 – 9 Hrs of stunning drive through Kinnaur Valley.

Overnight at Sangla.

Day 3: Sangla – Chitkul – Kalpa

Start early to spend some time at beautiful Chitkul (India's last village).

Visit Kamru Fort at Sangla.

Have a lunch in Sangla as well before going to Kalpa.

Watch the attractive suicide point, sunset and sunrise at Kalpa over Kinnaur Kailash Mountain Range.

Overnight stay at Kalpa hotel in front view of gorgeous Kinnaur Kailash mountain range.

If time permits visit little hamlets like - Karcham, Reckong Peo on the way.

Day 4: Kalpa –Nako Lake – Gue Village – Tabo

Start your day early and enjoy the drive through Hindustan Tibet Highway.

The Highway is famous for its thrilling views and closeness to Tibet.

Take a look at Khab On the way which is the Confluence of Spiti and Sutlej Rivers.

After Chango – Sumdo you will enter Lahaul Spiti district.

After Sumdo police registration, trek towards Gue Village to visit the 500-Year-old Mummy.

Overnight at Tabo.

Day 5: Tabo – Dhankar – Dhankar Lake – Mud Village

Wake up and have an amazing breakfast

This day starts with a visit to the 1021-year-old Tabo Monastery, UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Buddhist Monastery is located at the bottom of the valley.

Visit Dhankar Monastery and Dhankar Lake (Trek route) and leave for Pin Valley.

Overnight at Mud Village known as the last motorable village in Pin Valley.

Pin valley is well-known for its fauna, is an enormous place to travel around and find some of the rare species of snow leopards.

Day 6: Pin Valley – Kaza – Ki – Kibber – Gette – Kaza

After breakfast head towards Kaza, headquarters of Spiti Valley.

Lunch at Kaza Hotel.

Visit Ki – Kibber – Gette in the second half of the day

Ki (Kee) is a renowned monastery and others are places to explore as a lovely drive

Overnight at Kaza.

Day 7: Kaza – Hikkim – Komic – Langza – Kaza

Visit Hikkim and send postcards from the World’s Highest Post Office.

Beautiful view of Chau Chau Kang Nelda peak from Langza.

Statue of the Buddha near Langza is waiting for you.

Visit the World’s Highest Village linked via motor-able road, Komic.

The Sakya Tanggyud Monastery at Komic is one of the most important and the highest monastery in the Spiti Valley and very close to Kaza.

Overnight at Kaza.

Day 8: Kaza / Losar – Kunzum Pass – Chandratal / Battal

Visit Chandratal via Kunzum Pass and enjoy the day at camping. It is a crescent moon shaped lake also known as Moon Lake.

This beautiful lake is one of the main attractions of Spiti Valley.

Camps are about 2 km from the lake.

Overnight at Chandratal Camps.

Day 9: Chandratal – Kunzum Pass – Rohtang Pass – Manali

Head towards Manali via Rohtang Pass. It will need around 7 hours to reach Manali from Chandratal.

Drive through Chattru – Gramphu towards Rohtang Pass. Now there is Atal Tunnel to avoid Rohtang and journey is less

About 7 – 8 Hrs drives if you enjoy at Rohtang Pass. If you exclude Rohtang journey will be 40 km less via tunnel.

Overnight at Manali.

Day 10: Manali - Chandigarh - Delhi

If there is time explore Manali, that is if going by overnight travel which starts around 6 PM

Manali sightseeing which includes Hadimba Temple, Manu Temple, Mall Road, Local Monastery, Old Manali, Vashisht Hot Water Springs etc.

About 12-14 Hrs drive, depending upon the breaks you take in between.

If you have less time to explore Spiti Valley We recommend you to check our Lahaul Spiti Valley tour packages from Kolkata (Manali side).

At last one of the most deadliest road trip is coming to an end. We hope all our Spiti Valley tour packages from Kolkata guests are enjoyed this trip and please don't forget to leave a review to our profile in Google. Get in touch with us through Facebook, Instagram etc. Also please contact best tour operators Kolkata for future domestic tour packages.

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Why travel to Spiti Valley tour packages from Kolkata Delhi or Chandigarh from Shimla side?

We are recommending taking Delhi to Spiti Valley tour from Kolkata via Shimla side and exiting through the Spiti Valley tour from Manali side due to three critical advantages.

Spiti Valley is a cold desert situated in the Trans-Himalayan region at an altitude of 11000+ Feet mostly and thus, one need some acclimatization before go through the Spiti Valley.

Going via the Shimla will help you step by step add to the height and your body gets acclimatized correctly. Hence, there is less chance of receiving acute mountain sickness. If you start from the Manali side then you reach high altitude areas rapidly this increases the probability of mountain sickness.

There is no requirement of Rohtang Pass permits when you are not traveling to Lahaul Spiti Valley from Manali side. Take a trip to Spiti from Kinnaur helps you avoid the procedure of being paid for the Rohtang Pass permit.

What activities are there in Lahaul Spiti tour packages?

However there are no extra times available in our Delhi to Spiti Valley tour packages. But our recommended Activities in Spiti Valley tour Packages from Delhi/ Chandigarh are as follows.

Taste local made Thukpa.

Go for fossil hunt in Langza.

Camping near Chandratal Lake.

Visit Mummy village in Giu village.

Safari at Pin Valley National Park.

Visit the highest post office in the world.

Taste the best Apples of Kinnaur.

Look at Kinnaur Kailash Mountain range from Kalpa.

Trek to the stunning Dhankar Lake which is near Dhankar (the ancient capital of the region)

What about Spiti Valley tour packages from Chandigarh/ Delhi/ Mumbai?

The journey plan explained in this page is just as applicable for a trip from Chandigarh to Spiti Valley. You can replace Delhi with Chandigarh in the above plan, and most of the day-wise plan should be comparable. You may try to go Chandigarh to Rampur/ Narkanda on day one. For Spiti Valley tour packages from Mumbai one need to travel Delhi to Chandigarh by train or flight and then follow the day wise journey. Chandigarh is practically the gateway of any Lahaul Spiti tour packages from Kolkata.

How much a Spiti Valley tour packages from Delhi cost?

The cost of Spiti Valley tour mainly depends on the mode of transport you pick. A 10 day itinerary of Spiti Valley by open transport may charge you around Rs 10000, while a trip to Spiti Valley by car may cost you under Rs 45,000. You just have to add the hotel + food cost with this tour plan. Our all inclusive customized or group Spiti Valley tour packages from Kolkata will cost you around 21K to 32K depending on Travel cost from Kolkata to Chandigarh, hotels, foods, and type of car.

Is it possible to create a trip to Lahaul Spiti in 5 days?

Well, a Spiti tour itinerary of 5 days will look like three days to arrive at Kaza from Shimla side and then two days to move back from Spiti Valley via Manali side. Hence, you will be on-road for all 5 days. You can save time if you take a trip from Manali both ways. However, Nature Canvas Travel recommends you to plan Spiti Valley tour Packages from Kolkata via Delhi and Chandigarh with at least 10 days in your hand to make it one of the best road trips in your life. This time frame is excluding train or flight journey from Chandigarh to Kolkata.

How many days are required to make a Spiti Valley trip?

You should at least make a Spiti Valley expedition in 7 days as you need min 4 days to reach Spiti via Kinnaur side and come back from Manali side. So, having three more days will help you travel around Pin Valley, Langza, Hikkim, Komic, Ki and Kibber Villages around Kaza. If you want to look at Shimla, Kinnaur Valley and Manali in your Spiti tour packages from Chandigarh then you have to follow this day by day itinerary. If you have less time in your hand then Check out and follow the tour plan from Manali side as it takes less time to reach Spiti through Manali – Kaza highway.

Petrol Pumps following Shimla to Spiti Valley

When you are in a customized Spiti Valley tour packages from Kolkata please note these petrol pumps that come on the route from Shimla to Spiti Valley and up to Manali. You do not need to worry about fuel or petrol from Delhi to Shimla or Manali to Delhi, but once you enter Kinnaur and Hindustan – Tibet Highway to Spiti Valley, make sure you have enough fuel to complete the trip. Please don’t miss these two -

Rekong Peo


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