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Nature Canvas Travel is the best domestic tour operator in Kolkata. We frequently organize affordable Himachal Pradesh tour packages from Kolkata including Spiti. Any one who needs quality Spiti tour operator in Kolkata must contact us. For Booking in our office get direction through google my map.

As we are Spiti tour operator in Kolkata so all of our Spiti tour packages from Kolkata starts from Howrah or Sealdah Railway station via Delhi & Chandigarh. Chandigarh is the nearest major rail station from Shimla & Manali. Shimla & Manali are the gateways of Spiti Valley.

Spiti Valley package tours itinerary starting from Chandigarh:

Day 1: Delhi/Chandigarh – Manali (10 hr 23 min (503 km)via NH 44): 

Today Lahaul Spiti Tour guests will transfer to Manali as per itinerary. The package will start from Manali.

Day 2: Manali – Rohtang La – Kaza:

This is the 1st day of our Lahaul Spiti Tour Package. We drive through the popular Rohtang Pass. Then Spiti tour packages from Kolkata guests will pass into the stunning brown landscape and approach Chattru and Batal. At 14,931 feet, after chilling out at Kunzum Pass and through Losar Village, making the first step in Spiti valley. After some refreshment continue drive through the stunning landscapes and reach Kaza where we spend the night at a comfortable hotel.

Day 3: Kaza – Langza – Hikkim – Komik – Key Monastery – Kibber – Kaza

Today in the Spiti Valley Tour, we drive to the highest inhabited regions of the world.

The highest village in Asia, Komik, situated at a height of 4,513 meters. This farm-village has a population of around 80 people, isolated from the rest of the world for most parts of the year. Some of the Himalayan animals of the region are the Tibetan wolf, blue sheep, red fox, hare, snow cock, Himalayan griffin, rock pigeon etc.

Later, visit to Hikkim where you see world’s highest post office. You may send a postcard here before drive to Langza. Langza village is situated at an altitude of 4,400 meters and a population of around 140 people. You can walk into the village and visit the ancient Temple which is around 1000 years old.

We drive back down to Kaza for lunch. After that, we visit the world famous Key Monastery (Also spelled Kee or Ki). With over 1000 years’ stories the Key Monastery situated at a height of 4166 metres (13,668 ft).

Then we will move to the village of Kibber which is 18 km away from Kaza at a height of 4,205 meters. You will experience to see beautiful landscapes and immeasurable beauty of the snow-tipped mountains which make the place haven for nature lovers. From Kibber, you can also trek to Chicham Village. We drive to Village Gette to witness stunning aerial views of Kaza. Later in the evening drive back to Kaza to spend the night in a comfortable Kaza hotel.

Day 4: Kaza – Pin Valley – Kungri – Mudh Village – Kaza

Today visit to the beautiful Pin Valley national park which has animals, birds, with some rare plants and a river with trekking opportunities for the adventure lovers.

Firstly visit the Kungri Monastery and then the wonderful Mudh – the last motorable village of Pin Valley which is declared a national park in 1987 and has altitudes ranging from 11,000 to 20,000 feet.

Pin Valley national park is the home of different snow leopards. In addition to that other animals like the Siberian ibex, Bharal, Weasel, Red fox and birds such as griffon, golden eagle, bearded vulture may be seen in this area. Later in the evening drive back to Kaza.

Day 5: Kaza – Tabo – Dhankar – Dhankar Lake Trek

After breakfast, we continue to explore Spiti and drive towards Tabo - the ‘Ajanta of the Himalayas’. Visit 1020 year-old Tabo Monastery – which is also a UNESCO world heritage site and is famous for its ancient paintings that reflect the life of Buddha.

Later drive towards Dhankar. It is bowl shaped and a tiny hamlet. Remember you are exploring the 1200-year-old Dhankar Gompa where you can take an hour’s climb above the village to visit the stunning Dhankar Tso or Dhankar Lake which offers stunning view over the valley. Interested people can move towards the twin peaks of Mane Rang (6593 meters).

Day 6: Kaza – Kunzum La – Chandra Taal Lake

Today commence our journey back home and trace our steps back on the Kaza – Manali road. However, we take one last stop at Chandra Tal – “The moon Lake”. The mystical Chandra Tal Lake is located at a height of 14,100 feet. The Chandra Bhaga mountain range offers changes in the appearance according to the pictures painted in the sky.

After enjoying the colours of the beautiful Chandra Taal Lake, we move towards our camping site which is equipped with camping equipment including tents, high altitude sleeping bags.

Day 7: Chandra Taal Lake – Rohtang La – Manali

Taking the memory of the stunning Chandra Tal Lake continues our journey on the Kaza – Manali road and after a few hours of driving via the famous Rohtang Pass on the way of Manali.

You can choose to explore Manali market in the evening or you can take rest in the comforts of your Manali hotel. 

Day 8: Manali – Chandigarh – Delhi 

This is your last day of Lahaul Spiti tour package. Check out from Manali hotel as per your train or flight timing from Chandigarh or Delhi. Guests of Spiti Valley tour packages from Kolkata board for Kolkata. 

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What is the best time for Spiti Valley package tours?

The best time to visit Spiti Valley in India is from mid-May to mid-October, which is the summer and monsoon season. During this time, the weather is relatively pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C during the day and dropping to around 5°C to 10°C at night.

However, keep in mind that Spiti Valley is a high-altitude desert, and the weather can be unpredictable. It is essential to be prepared for sudden changes in temperature and weather conditions, including heavy rainfall and snowfall in the monsoon months of July and August.

It is best to avoid visiting Spiti Valley during the winter months (November to March) when the roads are closed due to heavy snowfall, and temperatures can drop below freezing point, making travel difficult and dangerous.

Which are the best Spiti tour packages?

Here is the list of some of the best tour packages to Spiti Valley:

1. Spiti Valley package tours starting from Delhi 2. Winter Special Spiti Valley package tour 3. Spiti tour package via Kinnaur Valley 4. Spiti Valley with Chandratal  Lake

Places to visit in Spiti Valley Package

Tabo Monastery in Spiti Valley package tours:

Tabo is a small town located in the Spiti Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. It is known for its ancient Buddhist monastery, Tabo Monastery, which is one of the oldest functioning Buddhist monasteries in India and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The monastery was founded in 996 CE by the Tibetan Buddhist king Yeshe O and has been a center for Buddhist learning and practice ever since. It is home to a large collection of Buddhist scriptures, wall paintings, and statues, many of which are over a thousand years old.

Apart from the monastery, Tabo also has several other attractions, including the Tabo Caves, which are a series of meditation caves used by Buddhist monks in the past, and the Tabo Hot Springs, which are believed to have therapeutic properties.

Tabo is located in a remote and rugged region of the Himalayas, and getting there can be a challenging but rewarding experience. The town is accessible by road from Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, and from other towns in the Spiti Valley. The best time to visit Tabo is from May to October when the weather is mild and the roads are open.

KOMIC World's Highest Village in Spiti

Komic is a village located in the Spiti Valley of the Himalayas in India. It is considered to be one of the highest villages in the world, with an altitude of around 4,587 meters (15,050 feet) above sea level.

Komic is known for its beautiful landscapes, traditional houses, and ancient monasteries. The village is home to a small population of around 150 people, most of whom are farmers and shepherds. The main crops grown in the area include barley, buckwheat, and peas.

Despite its remote location and harsh weather conditions, Komic is a popular destination among adventure seekers, hikers, and nature lovers. Visitors can explore the village and its surroundings on foot or by hiring a local guide. Some of the popular attractions in the area include the Tangyud Monastery, the Komic Monastery, and the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary.

If you're planning a trip to Komic, be sure to pack warm clothing, as temperatures can drop below freezing even in the summer months. It's also important to acclimatize yourself to the altitude before embarking on any strenuous activities.

Kunzum Pass:

Kunzum Pass is a high-altitude mountain pass located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It connects the Lahaul valley with the Spiti valley and is situated at an elevation of around 4,590 meters (15,060 feet) above sea level. The pass is named after the Kunzum Devi, a goddess revered by the local people.

Kunzum Pass is known for its spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and glaciers. It is also an important pilgrimage site for the locals, who believe that crossing the pass will bring them good luck and protection from evil spirits.

The pass is generally open from June to September and is a popular destination for adventure enthusiasts who enjoy trekking, hiking, and mountain biking. The road leading to the pass is unpaved and can be treacherous, especially during the monsoon season.

Near the pass, there is a temple dedicated to Kunzum Devi, where travelers stop to seek her blessings before embarking on their journey. There is also a small village called Losar, which is the first village on the Spiti side of the pass and a popular place to stay for those exploring the region.

Chicham Bridge in spiti Valley tours:

Chicham Bridge is a suspension bridge located in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is one of the highest bridges in Asia and was constructed to connect two villages, Chicham and Kibber. Before the bridge was built, the villagers had to cross a dangerous valley by foot, which was especially difficult during the winter months when the river was frozen.

The bridge is 135 meters long and hangs 100 meters above the Parilungbi gorge. It was opened in 2017 and has since become a popular tourist attraction for those visiting Spiti Valley. The construction of the bridge was a difficult task due to the challenging terrain and harsh weather conditions of the area. It took the workers two years to complete the project. Chicham Bridge is not only a feat of engineering but also a testament to the resilience of the people of Spiti who have to navigate their way through the tough mountain terrain to go about their daily lives.

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Pin Valley National Park


Placed in the peaceful and quiet spot of Lahaul and Spiti state of Himachal Pradesh, this charming and delightful national park is a chilly desert, replete with a diversity of natural landscape features. If you are someone who enjoys the stillness and tranquility of nature and have an appetite for usual beauty, then this wonderful place is a must-visit destination for you.

The drastic varieties of landscape features that are there at this national park are sufficient to catch the interest of any traveler. The valley is covered by the beautiful and green valley of Kullu state and bare and Brown Mountain which become lovely during the season of snowfall.

The sprawling fields, which give a plentiful sight of the valley and extend up to a vastness that seem unrealistic to the sight, add to the charming view of the valley. The area is mostly influenced by distinctive Buddhist Tibetan culture and was established in the year 1987 on 9th January.

It is well-known that the elevated height of the park and the near severe temperature guide to sparsity of plants and forms a normal habitat for many endangered animals like the snow leopard and Siberian Fox. Along with an interesting diversity of flora and fauna, one can also find a variety of medicinal plant life at the place, some of which have been confirmed endangered. Increased over a locale of 675 square meters and resting at an height of 3300 – 6632 meter, this place is a view of pure beauty. 


What Not To Miss in Pin Valley National Park


1. Explore the variety of flora and fauna at the Pin Valley National Park: 

The locale has been blessed with its personal rare flora. There is a combination of rare medical plant life that grows here, including dry alpine scrub, birch trees, and juniper trees. Yet, there are around 400 different types of plant life that can be found within the park. Over here, you will find over 20 different types of animals that are special to this state.

One of the notable animals found in this locale is the snow leopard, which is there on the listing of endangered animals. Other animals ordinary to this state are the Red fox, bearded vulture, golden eagle raven, snow cock, weasels and the Himalayan Chough.

2. Plan day time camping at the valley:
The valley is the ideal setting for day time camp with friends and family, wherein, you will be able to take in the stunning ambiance all day long and dip yourself in the peace of the Himalayas.

3. Enjoy Adventure Sports:
You can always engage in suitable sports tricks at the mountain, such as skiing, throughout the winter months. Many people who cannot or do not wish to undertake a physically difficult activity, though at the valley, often engage in such sports.

4. Plan a Trekking Expedition:
Though you are here, you may also start on small treks around the valley, which will obtain you to the stunning and pictorial sight approximately the mountain. The Pin Parvati pass trek is one of the most famous trek routes that you can embark on.


Places to Visit near Pin Valley National Park


1. Bhabha Pass Trek: This is one of the most famous trek routes for those who have a flair for trekking and exploration. Tourists, who come to visit the Pin Valley national park, surely pay a visit to this trek way, which will get you an enthralling view of lush greenery and rare landscapes.

2. Dhankar Gompa Trek: One more popular trek that you can take on though you are visiting the Pin valley national park is the Dhanka Gompa trek. This village lies between the towns of Tabo and Kaza and holds a stunning view of the surrounding valleys, which is why travelers love to come here and experience these with their own eyes.

3. Tabo Caves: Found nearly 1000 years ago, the very old Tabo monastery is decorated with a variety of iconic paintings and mud statues. The old building of these caves is a loveliness that you must observe during visiting the Pin valley national park. The mere structure and the location of these caves is a stark wonder for many historians, who are still studying these caves. These caves were used by monks for lodging.

4. Spiti River: Although you visit the Pin Valley National park, it may be worthwhile to increase your trip and take a ride in the Spiti River. Actions like River rafting are highly popular in the river. 

5. Chandratal Lake: Situated at a height of 4250 meters, this lake is a stunning tourist destination for those who travel up to the Pin Valley National park. There is a single island on one side of the lake, from where you can take some of the most incredible view of the near view.

There are many mountains and meadows nearby the lake, each of which are a stunning display of natural bounty. The loveliness of this lake has also accorded it the title of the most attractive lakes in the world. 


How to Reach Pin Valley National park


In order to arrive at the Pin Valley National park, you can choose from the following two routes:
  Summer Route: open from July to October:

One can decide a street route or air route to arrive at Chandigarh to Shimla and Kullu, which is a distance of 272 km. From Kullu, you will have to arrive at Kaza via Manali by bus, which will take you during Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass, which is an extra 260 km.

From Kaza, you will need to take a bus or jeep to arrive at Mikkim, which is 32 km. From Mikkim, you can take a walking way to cover the next 10 km and arrive at the park on foot.

Winter Route:  open in the remain months:

To cover up this way, you will have to arrive in Shimla and head for Tapri via Bus. From Tapri, head to Kaza via bus. From Kaza, the Pin valley national park lies 32 km on top of and 10 km away, which will be covered on foot. 

The nearby railway can be found in Shimla and the close air support can be found in Kullu. At every of these spots, you will find ample area support to guide you on your way. 


Best Time to Visit in Pin Valley National Park


July to October: At this time, the climate is rather favorable. In this time, the month of August is one of the most approving times to visit, since the temperature is neutral.

November to March: In this time, the destination witnesses intense snowfall, and the temperature is fairly low. It might not be a very suitable time for travelers to come and visit this national park.

April to June: In this time, the winters come to a stop and the park experiences mild sunshine but the crowds are still scant in this time. Rains are very exceptional in this dry state. 


Essential Information of  Pin Valley National Park


Location: Kaza, Valley, Himachal Pradesh 172117; Distance among Kaza and Pin Valley is 30.9 km

Timing: Monday to Sunday; 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The park ruins stopped on national holidays. 


Accommodation in Pin Valley National Park


1. Homestays: Homestays are one of the most famous modes of lodging for travelers to this valley. The nearby site for a homestay in Pin Valley is Mud Village. Over here, you will find some of the most famous homestay options for your stay such as Pin Valley Homestay, Tara House Homestay and more. Homestays can also be placed at locations like Kaza. It is best to get a car and ask them to drop you to this when you arrive at Pin Valley National park.

2. Banjara Retreat Kaza: Providing an outstanding lodging ability for travelers, this retreat is ideal for anyone who desires to enjoy comfort and free time at the same time. The Banjara retreat has been built-in with everything of convenience that you might look for though resting in a humble abode such as this one.

3. Parasol Camps and Retreat: For an even daring stay option, you can decide on the Parasol camps, which give a suitable and exciting stay option for travelers. These camps and retreats are situated close to the pin valley national park and can be accessed simply with the help of area motor vehicles.

4. Sangam PWD Rest house: Get yourself a comfortable and relaxing stay option at this rest house, which is located very close to the national park and houses every amenity that you might need for a restful stay. The rest house is located at a prominent place which offers a spectacular view of the surrounding valleys and mountains, at any one of its spacious balconies.

Tips for Visiting Pin Valley National Park


- If possible, always take an area guide with you on your visit to the Pin Valley National park. 

- You will need a variety of equipment in addition to requirements over here, include, high elevation tents, sleeping bags, binoculars, cameras, extra pair of clothing, packed food and water. 

- Make sure that you are carrying the right pair of shoes, preferably boots when visiting this high elevation spot. 

- If you wish to embark upon a trek expedition around the park, make sure that you are medically fit to do so. 

- Please note that an exceptional permit is required to travel within 40 km of distance from the Tibetan border. Make sure that you are prepared with the essential permits though visiting the state. 


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