Best Season To Visit Darjeeling 2024

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A strange hill station in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range, it’s no surprise that the perfect time to visit Darjeeling is all year around. Heat of amber sunlight; drops of crystal rain, wisps of steam and fog… no matter the Darjeeling weather, the city dons the hat of bold and wonderful.

With that being said, there is definite clothing to go on in mentality when it comes to the finest time to visit Darjeeling. You may be the kind of person who prefers the chilly, or you may be a lover of warmth, each individual has a changing level of approval. As such, it’s necessary to be awake at every pronounced time and all that it entails. Once you’re capable of the exact information, you can make the generally best choice. And, it doesn’t harm to recognize the risk and safety measures too!

Discover the enchanting beauty of Darjeeling, India, at its best during the months of March to June and November to February. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes, lush tea gardens, and pleasant weather during the finest time to travel to Darjeeling. Avoid the monsoon season (July to August) when heavy rainfall may disrupt outdoor activities. Plan your visit strategically to experience the vibrant culture, explore the iconic Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, and savor the world-famous Darjeeling tea. Uncover the charm of this Himalayan gem during the optimal times for a memorable and enjoyable trip. Book and visit Darjeeling West Bengal India at it's best with our various tailor-made tour packages with your family in 2024.

Here’s a highlights of all the in order you need when it comes to choose a perfect time to tour, opening with a breakup up of the traveler season month.  Take a look! 

♦ Peak Season to Visit Darjeeling -March to May and September to November

[Special Holidays are considered as peak season to visit Darjeeling due to heavy crowd] 

♦ Normal Season to Visit Darjeeling -December to February

♦ Low Season to Visit Darjeeling –June to September


Visiting Darjeeling in summer (May – July) 

Temperature- The air temperature in the season of summer fluctuates between 11°C and 19°C. It is best time for a holiday in Darjeeling purely due to summer vacation.

Weather– The early months of summer are blissful, with temperatures upper than that of spring. In this time, one can relax in the beauty of this modest hamlet. However, the monsoon begins to creep in June. The liquefy of one time into one more can be superb to experience, but take note of the hailstorms that may happen. 

Significance in best month to visit Darjeeling A former British summer resort, is it any wonder that this hill station is mainly beautiful in summer? From mysterious screening points to exciting reserves and lush green tea gardens, there is a lot to see! Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is a nice spot to visit in the accompaniments of the summer.

Why you should go to Darjeeling now – Those valuable moments of light blue sky sooner than the ominous violet clouds take over is amazing you should savor! If you’re looking to be lively and exploratory, then the early summer months are the perfect time to visit Darjeeling. You can connect in a huge amount of exploration sports earlier than the monsoons creep in. Darjeeling Tourism is in fact stunning and is a have to visit spot. So it is the best time to visit Darjeeling and Gangtok in Sikkim.

Things to know before the visit– By June, the atmosphere tends to get very misty as the rain is aggressive to make its way. Take note of the reality that this phase can be difficult to find if you’re driving. On a lighter note, this marks the start of the offseason. As such, the mass will be smaller and the cost will be more affordable. 

Tips– Plan your visit to Darjeeling at best time carefully, to make sure use of the sunny days. Make sure to pack smart, which means warm clothes and rainwear.

best time to visit Darjeeling, what is the best time to visit Darjeeling,

Visiting Darjeeling in Monsoon season(June – September) 

Temperature- The air weather in the season of monsoon fluctuates between 13C and 19°C. 

Weather– Darjeeling experiences relentless and unforgiving showers of rain. In peak monsoon season, the sky can hardly be seen for a whole of 10 days in the month. Darjeeling Temperatures can drop, which gets rather nippy. Also, wetness is at its uppermost and may rise to 90% saturation.

Significance– While mainly travelers won’t yet consider Darjeeling as a choice in the monsoons, one can visit this location to enjoy the beautiful resorts and hotels. Also, there are a lot of inside seeing sights options accessible such as the interesting Himalayan climbing institution. You can even visit calm monasteries and charming small lounges as you enjoy the pitter-patter from outside. so you may say it is not the best month to visit Darjeeling.

Why you should go Darjeeling at it's not the best time – Darjeeling in the monsoon is very stunning. You need to be dreamy at heart to be grateful for the blanket of haze and mist that twists in the air. This is the perfect moment to calm down at a cozy hotel and seize up on your reading or spend some outdated valuables time with loved ones. 

Things to know before the visit – There is a high danger of landslide pleasing places at this time, due to which roads get blocked-up and announcements are cut off. Please take this into account if you’re considering visiting the hill station at this time. Furthermore, the fog, mist and rain make it impossible to vision the mountain tops and scenery. On a positive note, it may be obvious to say that price will be effortless as it is off-season.

Tips– Don’t be alarmed with the harsh Darjeeling climate situation. If you’re still looking to discover Darjeeling, there are many routes that one can take in case certain roads are blocked-up. When it comes to your clothing, ensure your clothing and shoes are long-lasting and waterproof. 


Darjeeling in autumn (October – November) 

Temperature- The air temperature in the time of autumn fluctuates between 6°C and 18°C. It's also one of the best season to go to Darjeeling in the Indian state of West Bengal in India. 

Weather– Darjeeling climate in autumn can be described as the comfort for ‘rainy days syndrome.’ As monsoon dissipates and autumn rolls in, the sky begins to appear, and the sight begins to appear again. The landscape is re-energized from the shower and glitter with interest. 

Significance– Autumn is yet one more short time that is so very unique. In this time, one can enjoy the splendor of the snowfall peaks and visit the exotic tea plantation too! In-fact, the iconic Darjeeling Autumn tea is encouraged by the intensity of this time.

It's best time to travel Darjeeling – Create use of the time that precedes the cold. In this time, you can engage in seeing the sights and exploring sports without the burden of the bitter biting weather! Autumn foliage is also something to witness. While it lacks the courage of the drop season in a foreign country, there is a little to be said about the waste of brown leaves.

Things to know before the visit– As travelers begin to pour in, the price of flights, lodgings and tours will start to rise. If you’re arranging a tour at this time, confirm to book a fine in go forward. There are also wonderful Darjeeling Tour Packages to decide from, here at Thomas Cook

Tips– Take hot clothing, so that you might enjoy the sight without any uneasiness. Long pants and jackets are recommended. 

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Darjeeling India In Winter (December – February) 

Temperature - The air temperature during the season of winter fluctuates between 2°C and 9°C clearly the best time to visit darjeeling in India for snowfall.

Weather– The climate of winter in Darjeeling is of course nippy. Luckily, all-along with the frost and the cool arrive a beautiful cleanness and crispness. While early mornings can get fairly cool, the days are graceful with a flicker of golden sunlight.

Significance– Christmas and New Year festivities are totally charming. Shops and stalls are decorated with flash fairy lights that add to the party of this time. Restaurants offer Christmas themed menus and even hand out small gifts to clients. 

Why you should visit Darjeeling in snowfall – Darjeeling is dreamy and fairy-tale like in this season. While snow is uncommon, there is a probability of it taking place. You may be the fortunate one to experience the amazement of winter. One can journey a little more to Tumling and Sandakphu to be acquainted with the shiny snow! There are actually some wonderful spots to visit in Darjeeling. As per our suggestions it is the Best time to visit Darjeeling for honeymoon.  

Things to know before the visit-January and February are the coolest months, which can get mainly rough for so many travelers. The heat can fall to under zero, so be cautious of this. Take note of the truth that no hotels have middle heat in Darjeeling. 

Tips – Confirm the collection of jacket, gloves, mufflers, beanies and socks. Woolen thermal innerwear and monkey caps are extremely useful. Also, choose a hotel with a noise heat arrangement and electric bed warmers. Best time to visit Darjeeling Gangtok Sikkim for snow lovers and youngstars.


best time to visit Darjeeling, best time to visit Darjeeling for snowfall

Which is the best season to visit Darjeeling India?

The best time to visit Darjeeling is among Aprils to June when the climate is enjoyable. However, huge of people also prefer visiting the location in he winter months from October to December. The months of July to August welcome the showers

Is december best time to visit Darjeeling?

Winter is the time to visit as the perfect Darjeeling season in December has just set it. The chilly is bearable and enjoyable, rotating the town a paradise for winter lovers. The temperature in Darjeeling in December ranges from 2.5°C to 11.2°C, and most of the attraction are unlock. So yes 

What is the off season in Darjeeling?

Darjeeling in winter (November - February) December is one of the slightest humid months of the year, even if temperatures fall among 2-7°C in winter. This is the ideal off-season time to visit this hill station because there is no danger of landslides or floods.

Which month snowfall in Darjeeling India?

The perfect part about the Darjeeling in winter is that you can enjoy equally the city with no winter snow in December and the city with winter snow in January. So Many travelers’ attractions are open in December and there are smaller probabilities of snowfall.

Is July good time to visit Darjeeling?

Darjeeling in summer (June - July) it is sensible to take proper clothing and rainy things. With temperatures ranging from 18°C to 25°C, Darjeeling is enjoyable in the summer, attractive tourister from all approximately India and the world.

Can we visit Darjeeling in August?

The months of July to August welcome the showers. With serious rainfall, a batch of roadblocks is observed in the hill station and hence visiting Darjeeling in these months is not very suitable.

Is it safe to visit Darjeeling in July 2024?

In monsoon the town faces serious rainfall which may reason landslides in positive areas. But if serious rains don't deter you, this may be an excellent time to visit the location to enjoy the lush green loveliness which makes up for some actually large pictures if you care for photography.

Is Darjeeling good for honeymoon?

Most newlywed couples dream of celebrating their honeymoon at a dazzling spots. And if you’re romantic leave location of selection is Darjeeling. Then you'll be happy to listen to that it's between India's most idealistic tourists place.

Is Darjeeling good to travel in monsoon season?

Darjeeling in monsoon is in the month of June and make longer till September. If the monsoons do not make longer, the Darjeeling climate in October begin to apparent off of the haze. Spotless white blanket envelopes this hill city in monsoon and it becomes all cloudy, foggy, and picture-perfect!

When not to visit Darjeeling?

The months of July to September see serious rainfall in Darjeeling. Monsoons might not be the perfect time to visit Darjeeling. However, being an off-season you get nice deals on the Darjeeling trip packages.

Is Darjeeling cheap to visit?

Darjeeling Tour Package from Siliguri group Tour Cost: Rs. 8,500/- per head. So what are you waiting for... make the most of it and book Darjeeling tour at it's best time.


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