Best Time to Visit Sunderbans

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What is the best time to visit the Sunderbans?

September to March is the perfect month to visit Sundarbans, the winters being the most enjoyable time in the area. Summers can be so attractive, hot and with climate and humidity rising as the months roll on, but can provide somewhere to stay and travel to some area. The monsoons take heavy and long showers which make traveling somewhat difficult but do see travelers who can heroic the rains. Explore Worlds largest Mangrove forest with our 2 nights 3 days Sundarban tour packages from Kolkata.

best time to visit Sundarbans, best time to visit Sunderbans

Visit Sundarbans in Winter Time (November - February) 

Winter is the perfect time to view the loveliness of the Sundarban National Park. Though summers and monsoons are accompanied with roasting heat and humidity, the weather in the winter months is rather enjoyable and even provides release to the animals living in the premises. This is the perfect time to discover the forests and experience the natural beauty of Sundarbans tourism. This also means that there are many opportunities for guests to target the animals and bird types as they come out of hiding. The popular boat safari is also a chance as the river is not over flooded and therefore not unsafe. The temperatures in the winter time vary from 10 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius, which is twice as good for travelers as they can walk approximately and take part in actions without worrying about the weather. so you can expect pleasant weather with cool temperatures in Sunderbans.

Sundarbans in Monsoon (June - October) 

The monsoon season of June to September is loaded with heavy rains. The monsoon rains bring back life to the delta after the burning summers. This makes the mangroves, which are another popular attraction of the park, flourish and have fun in the showers. The animals as well get let go from the summer heat by way of the rainfall in these months. The temperatures also fall to an enjoyable 25 to 35 degree Celsius. However, one of the actual disadvantages of visiting the Sundarban National Park in the monsoon months is the reality that the river, which is the primary mode of transport to the park, is overflowing with rainwater. This makes it very dangerous for transport and access to the park premises, and hence, monsoons are not perfect to visit the park. 

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Sundarbans in summer (March-May) 

The summers in the Sundarban National Park local area are hot, humid and all around uncomfortable. Most travelers and local areas similar tend to keep away from this time for visiting the park. The temperatures in the summer months range from 30 to 42 degree Celsius. There is a dearth of water in the area at this time too. Terrific heat waves also come with these temperatures. All of these factors together make the animals, particularly the tigers; take shade in the tall trees which makes them unseen to the nude eye.

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6 Reasons Why You Must Visit Sundarban In Winter

Sundarban is absolute bliss with all its natural beauty and wildlife. It is the pride of Bengal and an asset to the world. If you have never been to Sundarbans then this time make a plan to visit this absolute beauty on earth.

Sundarbans is in West Bengal. It is an absolute green forest of mangroves. These mangrove forests are not just forests but have thousands of mysterious beauties hidden in them. You will be startled to see its beauty and mystery.

It's for your information that this mangrove is home to the most royal beast, The Royal Bengal Tiger. These royal species were endangered a few years ago. However, UNESCO has taken many steps to improve the condition of these forests and now the condition of this beast and the forest is stable.

Although anytime you can come to see this beautiful forest, the winters bring in some extra beauty in this forest. It looks like a magic forest, covered with fog, growling, and chirpings of wild animals and birds and awesome to lose all your worries and tension and be free. Take up the Sundarban Tour and feel good within.

Here are six reasons why you must visit Sundarban in winter:

Mysterious Atmosphere:

The atmosphere that is prevailing at this place during winter seems magical and mysterious. The fog that passes through this mangrove forest seems like the Alice in wonderland story is going to repeat itself.

Whatever mysterious stories you have read in your childhood seem real with the mysterious atmosphere that prevails here. Let your Sundarban travel be absolute bliss.

Adventures Jungle:

The jungle during this time is a place of adventure. The people out there who like to be a part of an adventure in your own life must visit Sundarban during winters.

We are sure you will never forget an unforgettable trip of yours in life. It is going to teach you a lot and make you a better person instead.

Favorable Climate:

During winters, the climate here is favorable. It is neither too chill nor sunny. It is like the summers in England. You will enjoy it very much. Moreover, the food out here is so delicious that you will never be able to forget its taste.

Huge species of birds:

It is a gift for Sundarbans that during this time a huge species of birds inhabit this island during winters. It seems so beautiful and people from all over the world come here to see this wonderful happening.

You can also join this adventure this time, only if you wish to.

Good price: 

The price is not at all too high at Sundarbans during this time. You can easily afford it and feel content after you have done so. Trust us when we say this you will feel every penny of yours has been well spent after you have completed your tour in Sundarbans.

It's time you visit Sundarbans:

It is now time for you to visit Sundarbans. Sundarban tour booking from Kolkata is open now.