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Known for its history and the vast forests Jhargram is one of the most important cities of ancient India which resides in the southern part of West Bengal. Jhargram is located between Belpahari and Kankrajhol ranges which adds the scenic beauty of the place. Nature Canvas Travel offers Jhargram tour package at best price as a weekend destination from Kolkata.
Jhargram is an unaltered piece of land which still holds the very essence of ancient India and this is the main reason why it attracts the tourists. The people of Jhargram depends a lot on tourism because every year a number of people from all over the country visit here either to enjoy the environment Jhargram offers or for the ages old temples. The forests of Jhargram are deep and luscious forest mostly containing Sal and Mohua trees. Wild animals, replites and a wide variety of birds are also seen in these forests of Jhargram. 

Jhargram tour is typically known for the historical conditions that it holds and its mention in the Ain-i-Akbari as Junglekhand. Jhargram was found in 1592 AD by Sarveshwar Singh who was a general under Amer Man Singh and came to conquer Bengal on the behalf of Emperor Akbar. After defeating the king Mal Raja, Sarveshwar Singh was handed over the kingdom, as a reward, by Man Singh. He was the one who renamed it as Jhargram – land surrounded by deep forests. The defendants of Mal Raja who are also the royal family now reside in Jhargram Rajbari which is the most well-known tourist attraction of Jhargram which you can discover during your planned Jhargram package with Nature Canvas Travel.

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Jhargram Rajbari - 

It is also very famous as Jhargram palace is the resident of the royal family of Jhargram. The Palace is an example of Italian and Islamic architect which is absolutely beautiful. The Jhargram Rajbari is now converted into a hotel so people can now stay here and access the property. Also there are three dormitories inside the property which is less expensive than the hotels. It is placed at a 10 minute walk from the city which makes it easy to find and reachable when you are in Jhargram tour package.

Location: 4km from Jhargram

Chilkigarh Rajbari

Constructed by the Dhalbhum kings of this region over 300 years ago, Chilkigarh Rajbari is another historical building of Jhargarm. Chiklkigarh Rajbari is famous for the temples and statues of deities that are present in its premises. The resident is quite close to the Dulung River which makes the sight very pleasing to the eyes. It is such a place where you can spent  a great amount of time enjoying the beauty of the place.

Location: Chilkigarh Road, 12 km from Jhargarm

Jungle Mahal Zoological Park

Jungle Mahal Zoological Park was earlier known as Jhargram Deer Park and it is the abode of around 100 different species of mammals, reptiles and birds which also makes it one of the most important Zoological Park of India. With so many animals and birds Jungle Mahal Zoological Park is a heaven for photographers and people from all around the country visit it every year for its wildlife. Some of the common animals that you will find here are deer, monkeys, bears, wild rabbits and a lot more. It is also a picnic spot for the local people and they love to visit here with their families

Location:2 km from Jhargarm, Timings: 9 am to 6 pm (Closed on Thursday).

Kankrajhore Forest

Kankrajhore Forest is spread over 9000 hectares of land and it is one of the best place to witness the nature at its best. Kankrajhore Forest is famous of the wide variety of trees found here, namely, mahua, teak, sal, kusum, etc. It is located at a three hour drive from Jhargram and people visit this place for its greenery and scenic beauty. 8 km away from Kankrajhore Forest is Gadrasini Hills and it only adds to its beauty. The geographical location of this forest makes it even more beautiful and that is why it is a must for people who come to Jhargram on vacations.

Location: West Midnapore, 64 km from Jhargram


Located at half an hour drive from the centre of Jhargram, Kendua is a famous bird-watching site in India and people in large groups visit here every year for bird-watching. Some of the birds that are commonly seen here are different species of Egret, RufousTreepie, Black-Hooded Oriole and many other birds that are not commonly seen elsewhere. The best time to visit Kendua is May because most of the birds that are seen here are migratory birds that go there in May, hatch there eggs and again fly away in November.

Location: Kenuda Village, 9 km from Jhargarm

Khandarani Lake

Khandarani Lake is the most beautiful location near Belpahari Ranges in Jhargram. The lake is surrounded by the hills and green forest which makes the view of it absolutely breath-taking. The lake is a dam and that is why it is man-made but that is not at all obvious when you see it for the first time. Apart from the scenic beauty what attracts the tourists more is that the birds that are seen at the lake. These birds include Green Bee Eater, Pheasant Tail Jacana, Bronze Wing Jacana and many other beautiful birds.

Location: Amlasol, 49 km from Jhargram

Jhilli Lake

By now it is obvious that Jhargram is mostly famous for its wildlife and birdlife, similarly Jhili Lake is also a place where are number of birds are found. As this place is quite close to the city here birds are mostly seen during the dawn and dusk. Paddle boating is also a very famous activity to do here because the water of Jhilli Lake is crystal clear. JhilliPakhiralay is located beside the lake and it is a bird sanctuary whre you can find birds like Common Kingfisher, Kite, Eurasian Moorhen, and many other birds.

Location; Hati- Gopi Road, 10 km from Jhargarm

There are many places to visit in Jhargram but most of it you will be able to cover in a couple of days and that is what makes it ideal for weekend trip. As Jhargarm is 173 km away from Kolkata it takes 4- 6 hours to reach there and it offers a very pleasant environment that is suitable for vacation and relaxing your body and mind.

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