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Passport & visa

Passport & visa assistance

Nature Canvas Travel has come a long way to become one of the most credible and reputed travel agencies of Kolkata, India. Our services include everything from passport & visa assistance.

With a team of high-end professionals and travel experts, getting a passport also becomes a very easy process, helping you to explore around the world.

Online passport registration

From taking care of all the legal formalities of new passport application to the submission of documents, our professionals look after everything, helping you to save a lot of time in managing the passport form application online.

Process to apply passport online

We are a trustworthy travel agent of Kolkata, you can rely on us to apply passport online. The passport services are handled by our dedicated staffs.

Visa Application Services

With a team of professional travel experts who are taking care of all your issues regarding the tour plan. We also take care of visa application with effective results.


Travelling becomes a headache when you are unaware about the rules, and juggle between ‘how to apply for visa’. Realising this, we have the provision, and through which you can apply for visa, conveniently in very reasonable charges.