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Cheap Kashmir Tour Packages From Kolkata

KASHMIR - Paradise on Earth

Kashmir is situated in the northernmost part of Indian Subcontinent. The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is a great destination for tourist.Kashmir is known as paradise on earth. The scenic beauty and landscapes and snowcapped mountain make every human soul fall in love with it. Kashmir is full with green Himalayas and known or praised all over the world for its amazing natural beauty. Surrounded by mountain peaks, lush green valleys, impressive Mughal era garden, Beauty of Kashmir inspired many poets through centuries. It houses numerous wonder of nature apart from a rich historic background. Kashmir is crisscrossed by chinar tree lined roads and quaint wooden bridges and homes to many Sufishrines exquisite monuments, plentiful wildlife, local handicrafts and forts. Favorable and delicious Kashmiri cuisines and Kashmiri apples and walnuts add beauty and charm in Kashmir.

Kashmir in winter is heaven for tourist. It is covered with glowing white snow frozen lakes, and ski enthusiast make a beeline for skiing. In summer when the flowers are in full bloom, lakes fade with melted snow makes the valley paradise for tourist.

The history of Kashmir

The earlier capital Srinagar was established by King Ashoka and in 9th century it is important centre for Buddhism. Later region is recognized with Hinduism but both religion Hinduism and Buddhism stayed there peacefully with each other. In 1339 Shah Mir Swati passed Muslim dynasties and Empire after this this region saw many rise and fall many kingdom .Emperor Akbar ruled in 1586. Hari Singh ruled Kashmir in 1947 during partition between India and Pakistan .Princely state given choice between India and Pakistan but Maharaj agreed to stay with India.

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Kashmir Cuisines

Kashmir has some delicious cuisine in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The trendy dishes of meat are Kashmiri Kebag, Rogan Josh, Yakhni, Pasanda, SyunAlu and Methi Keema. All the non-vegetarian lovers will have a lot to choose from. Some of the famous vegetarian dishes include Hak, Rajmah, Zarda, Tursh, Shree Pulao, Nadeir Yakhaen, and Ladyar Tsaman. These dishes are prepared with fresh vegetables with paneer to give an attractive flavour to the food.

If you are sweet lover then you must attempt sevaiyaan, phirni and barfi between others which would make you fall in love with these sweets. Kashmir tourists are welcomed with hot sheer tea and Kahwah which you have never tasted earlier. Kashmiri Pulao is also a renowned dish worldwide which is arranged in almost every home regularly. A large number of Kashmiri people also love hak or karam sag which is mostly made during winter to keep them confined from chilled weather conditions.

Best places for shopping on Jammu Kashmir tour package from Kolkata

1. Carnal Payeen Anantnag Kashmir: Most famous shopping place on a package Kashmir tour, this store offers a choice of brass and copper items. From small brass models, pooja items, utensils, vessels, vintage stuff to showpieces, Kashmir tour package from Kolkata guests can find many special things here.

2. Ahmad Complex: Selling items like conventional clothes, Kashmiri jewelry, handiworks, and this complex is a one-stop destination for all your shopping experience on a package tour to Kashmir from Kolkata or any other cities like Mumbai.

3. Royal Kashmir: An amazing shopping place in Kashmir family tour packages that offer 100% organic and genuine dry fruits. The store is well-known for selling dried fruits without any preservatives.

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Please take these small things in your mind during Kashmir tour planning:

1. To win your heart with its own magic and glory, Kashmir tour packages from us is always waiting. Our all Kashmir tour packages have everything to make your holidays superb. If you are planning for a trip to this heaven land with our Kashmir package from Kolkata with Amritsar or Vaishno Devi check out these below things.

2. Do remember to carry all of your essential items as well as your identity proof for your Srinagar Pahalgam Gulmarg Kashmir holiday packages.

Things to carry in Kashmir tour package from Kolkata:

As a tourist, you must be ready for any conditions while travelling. There may become visible any harsh situation which you can control with some basic things you carry. Here is the list of them:

Identity Proof: Always take your original ID proof with you as Kashmir is the most susceptible part of India and anytime circumstances may perhaps go wrong. That time it is only your identity proof that proves your Indian nationality. So please try to carry your Voter Card / Aadhaar Card / Driving License or Passport with you.

Medicines: This is one of the vital things to carry in your travel kit or hand bag. Always carry basic medicine for fever, headache, vomiting, stomach upset and prescribed antiseptics, antibiotics, antacids, painkillers inhalers, pain relief sprays, band-aid, bandage & ointment along with your regular taking ones for safe and happy journey.

Local Cuisine to try during your package for Kashmir tour:

Kashmir has some mouth-watering cuisine in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The popular dishes of meat are Kashmiri Kebag, Rogan Josh, Yakhni, Pasanda, Syun Alu and Methi Keema. All the non-vegetarian lovers will have a lot to choose from. Some of the famous vegetarian dishes include Hak, Rajmah, Zarda, Tursh, Shree Pulao, Nadeir Yakhaen, and Ladyar Tsaman. These dishes are prepared with fresh vegetables with paneer to give an interesting taste to the cuisine.

If you are dessert lover then you must try sevaiyaan, phirni and barfi among others which would make you fall in love with these sweets. Guest in Kashmir is welcomed with hot sheer tea and Kahwah which you have never tasted before. Kashmiri Pulao is also a famous dish worldwide which is prepared in almost every home at regular intervals. A large number of Kashmiri people also love hak or karam sag which is mostly made during winter to keep themselves protected from chilled weather. Kashmir package tour from Kolkata are advised to try these dishes whenever they can.

When does the tulip festival take place in Srinagar?

The beautiful Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden in Srinagar, Kashmir hosts the tulip festival every year in April - when you can see a collection of tulips in unbelievable colors blossom to form a picturesque sight. Backed by the peaceful Dal Lake, the growing daffodils and hyacinths along with the tulips draw attention of nature and photography lovers from all over the world. As a result tourists coming from Kolkata to Kashmir may witness these iconic tulips in the month of April.

Hotels in Srinagar:-

Hotel Royal Savoy - Rs. 4,934; Radisson Srinagar - Rs. 9,957; Khilona Heritage Houseboat - Rs.4,241

Hotels in Gulmarg:-

Heevan Retreat - 11,029; Gulmarg Meadows - Rs. 5,508; The Vintage Gulmarg - Rs.13,201;

Offbeat Places in Kashmir:

Kashmir is known for its serene beauty, beautiful lakes, meadows, snow-capped mountains and its welcoming people. Kashmir is known for its tourist mind blowing destinations like Srinagar, Gulmarg and Pahalgam; it is not limited to only these places. Kashmir’s beauty continues to extend to some of its lesser known, offbeat places that tourists love recently but are also not known by many people.

Let’s have a look at these hidden gems:


Covered with thick forests and green mountains Chatpal is a small hamlet in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. The place is absolutely stunning with the mountains and forests covering the entire place. It is the best place to have a short hike in the forest with your friends or just spend some time with your family in one of the homestays and connect to the local citizens.


Situated at a distance of 130 kilometres from Leh it takes around 3 hours to reach Lamayuru and once you reach there you will feel like you are on some other planet. Lamayuru is mostly known by its moon-like landform so it will make you feel that you are walking on the moon. Once you reach the Lamayuru village do visit the lamayuru monastery. If possible take a self-driven vehicle to Lamayuru because the public transport here us not reliable.


From coniferous forests to snow-capped mountains you will find everything in Daksum valley. Everyone has something or the other to like about this place. From picturesque landscapes to the hint of rural life Daksum has it all. You can enjoy camping or hiking to the Simthan Pass. Daksum Valley also offers a romantic setting which is an ideal environment for the couples. Daksum valley is located in Bhring River, a little away from the Mughal Gardens of Achabal.


It's located at 45 kilometres from Srinagar in the Badgam region of western Kashmir, is covered with mint, apple, lime and alpine trees. Yusmarg also offers horse rides into the woods and the scenery inside is absolutely breathe taking, the Nilnaglake, in between the hills, shimmers at a distance which makes the entire appearance of Yusmarg completely magical.


Karnah is a small and lovely Hamlet with a rich history which is reflected through its forts, palaces, statues, weaponry and utensils. It is 78 km away from Jammu and Kashmir and the best time to visit this place is during the summers when the weather is at its best. The beauty of the mountain ranges of kQazi Nag and Nanga Parvat are seen from this village. You can even see 5000 year old civilizations at Karnah.


At Waltab you can witness the mesmerizing view of Wular Lake which is Asia's largest freshwater lake. Watlab is one of the best off beat places in Kashmir due to its natural beauty and numerous varieties of birds, so people who love the ambience of lush green forest covered with feathery creatures of all kinds must visit this place. The Muslim shrine of Baba Shukruddin is located at the hilltop which witnesses a number of devotees throughout the year. Apart from that, activities like bird watching fishing and Shikara rides are also very popular here.


Gurez is located at a distance of 130 km from Srinagar and around 35 to 40 minutes ride away from the Tulail Valley. The road toBandipore from Srinagar, which is of around 58 km, passes through the Mansabal and Wular Lake and is located at the outskirts of north Kashmir. Here you will find the Kishenganga River, also known as Neelum, which has a small portion of it in Pakistan. On this road you can also see the iconic pyramid limestone peak known as HabbaKhatun, named after the famous Kashmiri poetess, and the 3300 metres high Razdan Pass can also be noticed from this road. TheGurez Valley is located on the silk route that linked Kashmir with Gilgit.TheDards, a clan from Gurez, is believe to be the descendants of the Greek Garrison left wind by Alexander's army.Keeping the history aside, the breath taking view of Gurezoffers wooden log houses, beautiful hamlets, shepherds and its natural background that looks from some ancient time period.


Tutak was a part of Pakistan from 1951 to 1971 and became a part of India after winning the war against Pakistan. It is a world of its own as it is very distant from the Kashmiri culture. Turtukis located at a distance of 211 km from Leh. For reaching Turtuk you can board a bus from Leh.


Located at the southeast of Srinagar at a distance of 85 kilometresBrengdistrict of Kashmir includes Kokernag. Here you can find a number of springs and numerous tributaries and this is the reason Brengis famous for. People visiting Brengis attracted by the sudden of beauty of the valley. Daksum which is famous for its waterfalls, pine covered hills and green meadows, are at a distance of about 30 minute drive fromBreng and on the way you can witness the Sinthan Top, Margan Top, Achabal and Verinag also found on its way to Daksham.

Warwan Valley

At the distance of 150 km from Srinagar Warwan Valley is located. It is a paradise for people who love trekking. Sukhnai- Chittergul- Aishmuqam, Sukhnai- Kanital- Panikhar, and Sukhnai- Kanital- Panikhar are some of the popular trekking routes. The best part about Warwan Valley is that the air is very clean here and it is untouched by the contemporary life. The beautiful Warwan River whose source is the Kanital glacier gives its visitors a sense of happiness and tranquillity.

Aru Valley

Aru Valley is at a distance of 12 km drive from Pahalgam in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. Aru is known as the states tiniest hill station but it's a must visit for the nature lovers. Waterfalls,turquoise brooks, deodars and pine trees are to be seen everywhere. The Lidder River that flows upwards, which is an amazing law of nature, is also seen here. If you are visiting Kashmir and have a very short time left in your hands then just a quick ride to Aru village is highly recommended and mostly because of the Lidderwat Valley. Apart from that Aru village also serves as a starting point for treks to Kolohoi glacier and Tarsar-Mansar Lake. OveraAru Wildlife Sanctuary at Aru covers an area of 500 square kilometres and is home to species like hangul, musk deer, brown beer and snow leopard. The Betaab valley andBaisaaran are two nearby attractions.

Lolab Valley

Also known as Wadi-e-Lolab it is one of the most peaceful locations at Kashmir. It is covered with beautiful apple orchards, lakes, springs and paddy fields. Kalaroos valley, Potnai valley and Brunai valley are the three magical valleys that make up Lolab. The Nagmarg meadows divides Lolab from Bandipora district which is loved by the photographers visiting Kashmir. Apart from the meadows the presence of Lahwal River and the springs named as Lavnag and Gauri also provides the tourist with a captivating view. If you are visiting Lolab then do visit Lalpur which was once the resting place of sage Kashyap. Laplpur is about a kilometre away from theLolab Valley. Also here you can find the Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, ibex andhangul, which are all common species in Lolab.


Located in the Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir near the foothills of Himalayas Bhaderwahis known for his hilly setting and adventurous activities so if you love adventure then do try paragliding at Seoj Meadow, skiing, mountaineering, rafting, rock climbing or simply go for camping in the Bhaderwah’sJai Valley. The most interesting part of Bhaderwahis that it is home to a variety of snake species which is why it is known as ‘NagonkiBhoomi’. At Bhaderwah, by visiting the NagrajVasuki temple you can experience sometime engaged in spirituality. The NagrajVasuki temple is famous because it was sculpted out of a single stone. Water bodies, diverse flora and fauna, rocky terrains, lush green forest and snow-capped mountains, everything can be seen at Bhaderwah.

Bangua Valley

Mongoose Valley is located in the Kupwara district which is home to a number of animals and natural treasures. Bangua’s beauty is reflected through its streams of TilwanKul, DoudaKul and RoshanKul which are so clear that they look like a mirror to the people. The fauna of Bangua Valley includes antelope, brown beer,musk deer and the formidablesnow leopard along with migratory birds like Tragophan, Pheasants, Monal pheasants, bush quailand others. On the Northern side the Howkibal Mountains surrounds the valley and on the Western side it is surrounded by theQazinag andShamsbery Mountains. Do pay a visit to the Kala Roos Caves which is thought to be the gateway to Russia. The caves also have a Stone Age art work on the walls which tells you a lot about the time when the artwork was curated on the walls of the caves. It also offers trekking for the touristswho love adventures. The nature lovers will also appreciate the tranquillity ofBangua and apart from that it is also an ideal romantic getaway for the couples.

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