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If a customizable Andaman family or honeymoon trip is appearing on your mind, Nature Canvas Travel’s domestic holiday tour packages are the true alternative for you. Top Tour and travel agency of Kolkata offers various Andaman tour packages to suit every kind of traveler from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata or Bangalore. Look at our best packages to Andaman with unique deals and offers. Explore the main Andaman sightseeing places with the variety of tours and activities included in our package for Andaman tour from Kolkata or any other locations.

From a short or a long schedule, a soothing stay or an adventure holiday, whatever your travel preference, Nature Canvas Travel has various Andaman holiday tours from Kolkata for you to choose from. We have a variety of luxury to budget Andaman tour packages offering the best of hotels and inclusions designed to indulge you on your Andaman vacation. If you wish to know more about Andaman travel such as the best time to visit Andaman, how to reach Port Blair or Andaman, things to do in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and so on.

How to Reach Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

Kolkata to Andaman tour packages guests can arrive at the Andaman Islands via air and sea. Tourists from Kolkata or any other city will land in Port Blair. The Port Blair airport is about 15 minute drives from the main city. You can obtain flights to Andaman from metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai. Most of the major airlines in India at present operate flights to Port Blair, Andaman from one airport or another.

Flight-inclusive Andaman tour packages from Kolkata are also available for your ease. If you are looking for the cheapest way to go to Andaman, you can also travel by ship. Cruise ships from Vizag, Chennai and Kolkata operate to Port Blair, which is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Island. However, this journey is very much inconvenient as it takes 65-70 hours on an average to travel by ship to Andaman from Kolkata. With the accumulation of more flights to Andaman from various Indian airports including Kolkata, flying into Port Blair airport is the suggested way to arrive at the Andaman Islands for holiday tour packages.

To tour from Port Blair to Havelock and Neil Island in Andaman and vice versa, the only way is to book a cruise ticket well in Advance, as a part of your Andaman tour package cost.

What to Eat In Andaman?

The food in Andaman is actually a miraculous blend of unusual cooking styles, which is actually indication of the multiple cultures that have settled in the islands. You may discover a great quantity of seafood such as fish, prawns, lobsters, crabs, etc. at the majority of the neighboring food junctions.

Andaman’s famous sea food: The Tandoori fish is the delight of Andaman tour package guests. This simple but yummy dish is cooked after adding various spices and then baking in an open tandoor. Kolkata to Andaman tour packages guests can enjoy this lovely dish in any of the local restaurants.

Indian cuisines galore: From rice - roti to a variety of Indian curries, there are is no shortage of food junctions that serve North Indian food in Port Blair and Havelock. Port Blair also has eating places offering South Indian food.

Andaman tour place| Cellular jail is a important historical place to visit in Port Blair Andaman

Cellular Jail

Cellular Jail was made by the British so that freedom fighters can be tortured here. Even ahead of the construction of the Jail, the island was a penal complex of India’s First War of Independence in the year of 1857. It is a mute observer of numerous terrible acts that British soldiers put on the villagers. In 1906, the jail was entirely build and was named as ‘Cellular’ because there cells made for each secure unit rather than accommodating them together. Originally, there were seven expanded building with a central tower. Later, the building was consequently dented, leaving behind three wings undamaged. In the daily life of prisoners, executions were normal. Undoubtedly, this historical structure is one of the most prominent buildings in India and thus Cellular Jail is must-visit magnetism during your Kolkata Andaman tour package.

We recommend seeing the Light and sounding show in the evening at the jail premises.

important places to see in andaman tour in 2021

Jolly Buoy Island

Also known as ‘No Man’s Land’, Jolly Buoy Island is a lonely island to be found off the coast of Wandoor Beach and can only be way in via boats from Wandoor.

As an dumped island and a no-plastic zone, Jolly Buoy is the cleanest and the serenest island among all the islands in Andaman. So, if you are visiting Andaman in search of calmness and internal harmony, Jolly Buoy Island should be in your must-visit place in Andaman.

Getting to the island takes quite some time, as you need to take a boat from Wandoor Beach, which is situated in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Jolly Buoy Island is situated about 30 kilometres away from Port Blair city by road. After you arrive at Wandoor Beach, you will need to travel another half an hour approximately by boat to reach the island.

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Viper Island

Viper Island is a peaceful Island in Andaman and Nicobar. It has featured in the pages of Indian history many a time because of the Jail in the Island built in British era hundreds years ago. This Island is frequently visited by Indian and International traveler thanks to the combination of history and natural beauty.

The ruins of the jail, gallows and the cells describe several incidents of an era bygone, sordid tales of a torturous rule that India had to undergo. One can get a bird’s eye vision of the nearby islands, the seven-point waterfront and the ocean in its marvelous shades. Apart from the historical jail, Kolkata Andaman package tour guests can also have a picturesque view of the harbor and several boats crossing each other at regular periods.

Viper Island can be reached from Port Blair both by road and sea. It will take about 45 minutes to arrive at Viper Island by road. One can start from the Phoenix Bay jetty which takes roughly about 20 minutes to reach Viper Island. The Harbor Cruise which plies to and fro from the jetty can help you to look at the different points of the harbor along with a journey to Viper Island.

Kolkata Andaman tour package for family and couple

Radhanagar Beach

Awarded as 'Asia's Best Beach' by the TIMES magazine in the year 2004, Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island with its blue waters and white sands lives up to the mark. It’s vast seashore of never-ending white grains stretch across 2 kilometers, makes it a key tourist attraction of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Various Food stalls can be seen on the periphery of the sea shore, keeping Havelock, Andaman package tour guests from Kolkata refreshed with fresh and tasty seafood. Tourists can also reserve beach beds and parasols even as they use up hours simply lounging at this lovely wonderland. Radhanagar Beach Andaman is closest to Elephant beach. The coast is totally safe and secure with patrolling lifeguards equipped for rescue.

Stays at the Beach: You can find a quantity of beach resorts, guest house and hotels on Radhanagar Beach - From luxurious hotels to economic stays. A few of the most popular resorts at the Havelock beach contain Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, and Silver Sand Beach Resorts etc.

Andaman tour places | andaman tour package for couple

North Bay Island

North Bay isle in Andaman is mainly preferred by Kolkata Andaman tour package guests for its magnificent coral reefs and exciting activities. The image of an islet on the back of Indian 20 Rupee note is of North Bay Island.

North Bay Island can compete with the most gorgeous islands all over the world when it comes to attracting tourists. Actions like scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walking, and glass bottom boat rides are what pulls tourists the most. You will discover more things to do here in North Bay than at Neil or Havelock.

How to Reach North Bay Island:

A boat ride to the North Bay Island starts from the Andaman Water Sports Complex. These boats can carry about 200 people at a time and are ready with necessary safety procedures. A guide is available for you to briefs about the history of the island during boat trip.

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Baratang Beach

Baratang Island is located 100 km away from the Port Blair city and lies in the North and middle section of the Andaman Islands. Due to its remote location, the maximum parts of the Baratang Island remain unknown from the tourists and therefore are a delight for the offbeat travelers. Baratang Island is the heart of Andaman and Nicobar which is unseen from the entire world. The top tourism attractions at this Island are Parrot Island, Limestone Cave and Mud Volcano. The Baratang islands were previous the home of the famous Jarwa tribe. While taking a boat ride to limestone caves, you move across through the reserved areas of tribes, if lucky; you can still eyewitness their tribal avatar.

Things to do: Boating, hiking, bird watching, deep forest with Jarwa tribes, mangroves.

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Ross Island

Ross Island is a top tourist attraction in Andaman. A visit to the Ross Island becomes attractive as you go through from beginning to end of British era. Rest in the shade of palm-lined beaches and watch the pipeline of waves crashing on the shores. One can see the ruins of Church, Hospital, Bakery, Press, Swimming Pool, Barracks, Ballroom, Chief Commissioner’s House and Government House. Ross Island is located just only 2 kilometers from port Blair city and can be arrived easily by boat within fifteen minutes. It is an important historic tourism place to visit that can be covered easily during your stay in Port Blair.

Places to visit in andaman tour package from kolkata

Chidiya Tapu

Home of hundreds of species of birds, including parakeets, sea eagles, emerald doves and various others, Chidiya Tapu is a calm tiny place ideal for bird watching and spending only some hours in the middle of nature, and is considered as one of the best tourist places to see in Andaman.

The sunsets at Chidiya Tapu are thrilling and must not be missed by Andaman tour package from Kolkata guests. The place is 25 km away from the core city of Port Blair and can be simply reached by road. Visit Chidiya Tapu in summers as the sky is clear. Picnic, snorkeling, pearl hunting, boating, deep sea walking can be done in this amazing place.

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Cinque Island

Cinque Island is the most photographed isle in Andaman and Nicobar. The place where the two parts of the island are connected by a sand bar is one of the most photographed points and one of the must-visit places to see in Port Blair. This exclusive and gorgeous natural sand bridge is certainly a visual pleasure and will not stay you enthralled for a long time ahead.

As Cinque Island is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, it boasts of coral reefs that widen to hundreds of meters deep into the sea. These coral reef gardens contain unmatchable variety of coral reefs, seaweeds, colorful fishes, starfish, shells, salt-water crocodiles, and turtles.

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Limestone Caves

Naturally engraved by the force of the water over decades, the Limestone Caves at Baratang Island are the one-of-the best tourism places in Andaman. Imprinted out of gigantic sedimentary rocks with numerous numbers of shining stalagmites and stalactites, these natural caves are definitely an important tourist attraction that you cannot miss on your Kolkata to Andaman tour package.

‘It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey’. So, it’s not only the beautiful caves will fascinate you, it’s even the brilliant journey to the Limestone caves that will stay on your mind for lifetime.

important places to visit in andaman tour package for family

Ross and Smith Island

These are twin islands linked with each other by a sandbar. The most beautiful thing is that the sandbar sinks underwater during the high tide and floats up again for the duration of the low tide.

Though the islands are populated by the locals, but the purity and tranquility is entirely maintained.

Situated at a distance of 20 kms from Diglipur, Kolkata Andaman tour packages guests can visit Ross and Smith Island by rented boats after getting the authorization from the Diglipur Forest Office.

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Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

The Samudrika Museum in Port Blair is operated and preserved by the Indian Navy and have five galleries with history, geography, anthropology and marine life of the Andaman and Nicobar Island. This place has an extensive range of settings up with detailed information about the islands’ flora and fauna, plants, animals, tribal communities and naval life. The displays in the museum contain near about 350 class of marine life and a diversity of shells and coral found in the islands.

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